We offer Riso’s line of innovative Inkjet Printers. The ComColor FW Series is the right choice for low-cost color printing. Superb high-speed output combines with outstanding flexibility for cost-efficient in-house printing. The energy-saving design means your prints come out faster with reduced environmental impact. The ComColor GD Series is engineered to empower your business with high-volume, reliable, quality output. With Riso Inkjet, color is no longer a luxury; it’s the standard!

Riso Inkjet Printers


Bring your documents to life with color for about the same price as black & white toner.


Speed through high-volume print jobs with speeds up to 120 ppm (FW series) & 160 ppm (GD series).


We offer free local delivery of copier and printer supplies including toner, paper, staples and ink.


Offering flexible office equipment leasing options with the expertise of our in-house leasing team.

Exclusive FORCEJET Technology

FORCEJET technology is found exclusively in the RISO’s inkjet product line. The print heads are stationary and the paper passes underneath them. As the paper moves beneath the print heads, the print heads lay down the individual colors that make up the four-color print: cyan, black, magenta, yellow.


The fixed position of the print head makes the high printing speeds found in ComColor inkjet printers possible, and also results in a longer life span for the equipment. Riso ComColor Inkjet Printers are faster, cheaper, and more reliable!

Riso Inkjet Printers

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Riso ComColor FW Series


Riso ComColor GD Series