SHARPRefurbished Printers and Copiers

Why Buy Refurbished Printers?

Pre-owned office equipment is repurposable after undergoing a rebuilding and certification process. Often these printers, copiers, and other office equipment, when remanufactured or repaired, still have considerable product life left.1  For the price of just one new similar office product, a small business can now own two products returned to a near-new condition. Some business owners express concern about “functional risk” with remanufactured printers.2  To ward off concerns about purchasing a lemon, businesses can rely on a multi-year warranty and, for additional reassurance, carry a maintenance plan that guarantees ongoing service. Having two machines instead of one reduces the workload on the equipment and offers the staff additional printing options when things are busy. Another benefit of refurbished office equipment is the “green” factor, in which businesses participate in helping to keep our planet green. This green buying by eco-friendly businesses plays a significant role in reducing e-waste.3

Sharp Mid-sized Printers
Sharp Mid-sized Printers


Our factory-trained technicians are experts. In fact, we’re a Sharp AAA Platinum Service Provider.


We provide free Copier, Printer, & Scanner training to our customers for the life of their devices.


We offer free local delivery of Copier and Printer supplies including toner, paper, staples and ink.


Offering flexible office equipment leasing options with the expertise of our in-house leasing team.

What Are Reconditioned Printers?

Refurbished Sharp Printers offer an affordable way to get high-quality printing at a lower cost. By reconditioning and testing each printer, Les Olson IT ensures that each remanufactured printer meets the highest quality standards. In addition, these printers come with all necessary accessories, including toner cartridges, power cords, and instruction manuals. Refurbished Sharp Printers are an excellent choice for businesses, schools, and home users looking to stay within budget. With a wide selection of remanufactured printer models, you can find the right machine to meet your office printing needs. With reliable performance and economical prices, retrofitted Sharp Printers make it easy to save money without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re looking for monochrome or color laser printing, you’ll find a great selection of Sharp Printers with excellent features and performance. Shop refurbished Sharp Printers today to get the quality you need at an affordable price.


Quality Assured Functioning

Our Sharp refurbished printers come quality assured through a 24-point test, ensuring your machine is ready and stays in operation. These printers receive a certified pre-owned classification through a complete inspection and strict quality checks by Sharp-certified technicians. The technicians clean the optical bays and mirrors, charge the couple device, and the platen glass. They cleanse and replace worn or broken components, including the transport pickup, feed mechanism, feed rollers, separation rollers, transport rollers, paper path elements, bearings, ADF optics, and sensors. They carefully inspect and replace, if needed, the fusing unit, process unit bay, toner pipes, laser glass, dust collector, drum, developer, seals, pads, web, rollers, belts, bypass pickup, paper trays, access doors, and the staple cartridge. Next, the techs examine and test the power cord and machine covers. They update machine settings, firmware, the product key, and calibrate printer settings. Then, they test run paper from all trays, the punch unit, staple devices, saddle stitch mechanisms, and the copy quality.


Expert Technicians

Les Olson’s IT techs are super thorough and rigorous. They have earned numerous awards, including the Master Technician Award, community service, AAA Platinum Level Service Provider, innovative business practices, A+ BBB rating, and the prestigious Hyakuman Kai Elite Award from Sharp Electronics, As a result, you can trust that your refurbished Sharp Printer will give you the same level of quality and reliability that you expect from a new machine. Les Olson is proud to offer an extensive selection of certified-refurbished Sharp Printers at great prices. Save money by choosing a reliable and cost-effective pre-owned printer while getting the most out of your printing needs. Buy or rent a refurbished Sharp Printer from Les Olson IT today!

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List of Refurbished Sharp Printers & Comparison Chart

Below is a list of refurbished laser printers, remanufactured multifunction printers, and reconditioned copiers often available at Les Olson IT. Call us today (801) 452-7988 to see if a specific pre-owned model is available or to find a suitable alternative for your office.

Printer Category


Monochrome (M)
or Color (C)
Paper Tray

(# Sheets)


Small Office/Workgroup

Sharp MX-C300P


CDesktopNoYes600 x 600250No

512 MB

Sharp MX-B450W


MFloor-StandingYesYes600 x 600500No

1 GB

Sharp DX-B351PL


MDesktopNoYes1200 x 1200250Yes

256 MB

Sharp DX-B352P

35MDesktopNoYes1200 x 12001100Yes256 MB

Stand-Alone Printers

Sharp MX-B350P

35MDesktopYesYes600 x 600500No1 GB

Sharp MX-B450P

45MDesktopYesYes600 x 600500No1 GB

Compact Multifunction

Sharp MX-B350W

35MFloor-StandingYesYes600 x 600500No1 GB

Sharp MX-B450W

45MFloor-StandingYesYes600 x 600500No1 GB

Mid-Size Office/Workgroup

Sharp MX-M3071

30MFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 1200550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M3571

35MFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 1200550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M4071

40MFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 1200550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M2651

26MFloor-StandingYesYes600550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M3051

30MFloor-StandingYesYes600550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M3551

35MFloor-StandingYesYes600550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M4051

40MFloor-StandingYesYes600550Yes5 GB


Sharp MX-M5051

50MFloor-StandingYesYes600 x 600550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M6051

60MFloor-StandingYesYes600 x 600550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M5071

50MFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 1200550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M6071

60MFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 1200550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-5071

50CFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 1200550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-6071

60CFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 1200550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-5051

50CFloor-StandingYesYesM=600 x 600
                       C=1200 x 1200
550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-6051

60CFloor-StandingYesYesM=600 x 600
                       C=1200 x 1200
550Yes5 GB

Sharp MX-M7570

75MFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 12003100Yes5 GB

Light Production

Sharp MX-M905

90MFloor-StandingYesYes1200 x 12003000Yes6 GB




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