Sharp LivMote

Contactless Infrared Thermometer

We offer the Sharp LivMote solution for organizations to conduct daily smart, touchless temperature, face mask checks, and health screenings. Easily bring peace of mind to office staff and visitors with a streamlined screening experience, that doesn’t require person-to-person contact. 

Sharp LivMote


Employees can complete a health screening survey from their personal smartphone.


No-touch infrared thermometer and camera conducts a temperature check and ensures a mask is being worn.


Integrate with access controls to enable screening-based door lock/unlock.

Keep Your Office Safe

Without Slowing Down

  • Highly Accurate Temperature CheckLivMote combines infrared thermal with environmental sensors to get high accuracy (±0.5°F / 0.3°C in optimal conditions) from up to 3 feet away.
  • Face Mask & Screening QuestionsAdvanced onboard processing checks for facial coverings, while our mobile web solution makes it easy to customize screening questions.
  • Starts Automatically with PrecisionLivMote uses a tiny LIDAR system to automatically detect people coming in close proximity, starting only when the user is in the right position.
  • Scans NFC / RFID and QR CodesLivMote makes it easy for staff to connect existing NFC / RFID cards or setup unique staff QR codes to get started.
  • Real-time Email and SMS NotificationsGet instant notifications to all of the people who need to know with customizable email and SMS alerts in real-time.
  • Audio Messages & Multi-lingual SupportPlay customizable audio messages for versatile instructions. Both audio messages and on-screen text are available in multiple languages.
  • 100% Non-Touch and Anti-microbialNo shortcuts here. LivMote’s screen and surface are anti-microbial, and our Zero-Touch Management means no touch needed (not even IT!).
  • Clean and Intuitive User InterfaceLivMote automates workplace screening and gives you the ability to customize the screening process instantly.


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