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EKM Insight Helps us Help You!

Designed by industry specialists, Insight enables Managed Service Providers and large end-users to treat their printing assets like any other IT service. EKM Insight now has market-leading HP SDS (Smart Device Service) Integration contained within its core functionality.

  • EKM Insight fits a wide range of business requirementsEKM Insight, with its customizable design, allows it to meet virtually any business operational or service requirement.
  • EKM Insight has a easy to integrate, scalable, and flexible designThis makes it ideal for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. It can be deployed and managed as a cloud service, or implemented on-site with large end-users who require on-site service management. That way clients only use the components they need to improve their business. The added HP SDS functionality scales with the system giving unsurpassed manageability for HP devices.

Take Total Control Over Your Printer Fleet

  • Military-grade security such as SNMPv3 & XMPP for monitoring and communicating 100% data transfer even if there is network or power outage
  • Cloud-based Communication
  • Only collects printer-related data
  • Low-impact, self-optimizing, self-healing, integrated data collection solution
  • Alerts vendor of toner outages before they happen
  • Alerts vendor of maintenance needs to prevent downtime
  • Automatic detection of printer moves and changes
  • Track print volumes and toner usage
  • Insights into where and how to optimize volumes
  • Automated page-count collection
  • Avoid unnecessary time spent emailing or calling in your printer/copier's meter readings readings
  • Avoid billing surprises

No more calling in meters

Machines provide Les Olson IT service and supply alerts to minimize down time

Secure cloud communication to minimize data loss

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