Color Printing Not a Luxury

Color Supports Learning


Learning resources printed in color can improve retention of information and the quality of education when it matters most, yet schools and universities often sacrifice color printing to save money. Color helps guide our attention, training our minds on the information we need to process. The role that color plays in capturing the attention of students is undeniable. The more of your attention that can be focused on the materials at hand, the better the odds of its content being a part of your permanent memory storage.

Color Printing isn't a luxury

Color Demands Attention


When mailing invoices, which organization do you think will be more successful in collecting past-due bills? There is no question that color serves to draw the eye to the desired content to ensure your message is seen. It’s no surprise that color invoices will help capture the attention of clients but many organizations have a strict black and white only print policy.

Color Printing isn't a luxury

There’s No Excuse


Advances in inkjet print technology make it possible to print color for roughly the same cost as black & white.

According to Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends primary research, roughly50%of 18 to 29-year-olds in general office environments said their required office color printing is increasing .
Color printing isn't a luxury

Color Can Decrease Human Error Rates


Color documents are more easily understood and information is retained at higher rates versus monochrome documents. Color helps your brain make sense of what you’re looking at, which is especially critical with complex information and drawings.

According to Color for Impact. by Jan V. White, 1996; In up to65%of cases, color documents were more easily understood and information was retained at higher rates versus monochrome documents.
with an up to80%error reduction with the use of color documents.
Color drafts reduce failure costs on building sites by nearly3.9%according to Infotrends/CAP Ventures, Visual Architecture and Interactive Design for AEC Industry, 2012

It’s Science


Human cognition involves many interrelated processes; perception, attention, memory and thinking. Color plays an important role in these processes and in enhancing memory performance and engagement so leaving color out of the mix just doesn’t make sense.



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