5 Signs You Need a Secured Fax Software Solution

5 Signs You Need a Secured Fax Software Solution

Think about the types of content your organization sends via fax. If you ever send sensitive information, such as contact information, financial reports, patient records, employee information, or billing details, you have a huge responsibility to keep that information from getting into the wrong hands. Even businesses that take security precautions may overlook the risks of sending unsecured faxes. In this article we will explore how a traditional fax machine can put your company's information at risk, and what you can do to fax securely. ... Read More
Tech companies help businesses fight spread of coronavirus with free remote work tools

Tech Companies Help Fight Coronavirus with Free Remote Work Tools

There has been much anxiety about COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, and many people are asking whether they should be working from home. In uncertain times, it feels good to find something productive to do, maybe even something that you can control the outcome of. For businesses in most parts of the United States, good hand hygiene around the office will go a long way in keeping employees healthy. That being said, there may come a time when your business will need to implement a plan-b for employees who work in a traditional office space. ... Read More
How to Tell Who's Printing What

How to Tell Who’s Printing What

Have you noticed you’re replacing your copier’s color toner more often? Lately, does it seem like you’re refilling the paper trays all the time? Is someone in the office suddenly printing a lot more full-color documents for a new work assignment? ... Read More
How PlanetPress Suite Saved Us Money on Business Documents

How PlanetPress Suite Saved us Money on Business Documents

Think for a moment about all of the documents you get on a daily basis from different companies, whether it’s your internet provider or your doctor. The creation and distribution of documents is a big part of running a business. Creating documents that are easy for your customers and clients to follow is vital to your success. ... Read More