5 Signs You Need a Secured Fax Software Solution

5 Signs You Need a Secured Fax Software Solution

Think about the types of content your organization sends via fax. If you ever send sensitive information, such as contact information, financial reports, patient records, employee information, or billing details, you have a huge responsibility to keep that information from getting into the wrong hands. Not only would a breach do damage to your organization’s reputation, but it could put you on the hook for lawsuits or fines. No matter what your business does, transferring private information is likely done frequently. Even businesses that take security precautions may overlook the risks of sending unsecured faxes. In this article we will explore how a traditional fax machine can put your company’s information at risk, and what you can do to fax securely.

#1 Regulatory Compliance Obligations

Federal and state laws effect virtually all organizations, but depending on your industry, and the types of information you deal with, you may have other strict regulations governing how you send information. From HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley to PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and others, violating regulatory compliance laws can result in major legal ramifications, including federal fines.


#2 Fax Machine is in a High-Traffic Area

Fax machines are commonly in open areas that are easily accessible to everyone in the office. That’s great for efficiency and convenience, but horrible for security. Having a fax machine out in the open means that anyone has access to the information flowing through your fax machine – whether that’s a nosy customer, an employee with bad intentions, or a suspicious visitor in your office. You can’t be certain that information won’t get into the wrong hands.


#3 Access After Hours

Many businesses forget to consider the security risk posed by people who access their offices after hours. You know the saying – out of sight, out of mind. You might not think about your cleaning staff, contractors, delivery personnel, or employees with keys to the building, but any time an individual is allowed access to your building with no oversight, it’s important to ensure that documents containing personal information aren’t laying around.


#4 Shared Fax Numbers

Fax machines can be expensive, so it’s likely that your employees don’t each have their own device with a separate number. Sharing one fax machine is economical, but increases the risk of exposing private information to the wrong person. Aside from the obvious security risk, there is also greater opportunity for mistakes like document mix-ups and misplaced pages.


#5 You Can’t Guarantee Security on the Other End

No matter what precautions you take to place your fax machine in a secure location, you have no control over where your faxes end up. If you’re sending information via fax that needs to remain private, you’re really rolling the dice by sending to an unsecured fax.


If any of this sounds familiar, all signs point to an urgent need for a Secured Fax Software Solution. Fax software is a very effective way to ensure the security of your sensitive information. We recommend implementing GoldFax’s Internet Fax Solution. Rather than sending and receiving faxes at a fax machine, faxes are sent and received via email. GoldFax is an efficient and economical way to meet compliance expectations for securely sending information. Let us help you implement a secure faxing solution today.

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