What’s New in PaperCut 20.0?

What's new in PaperCut 20.0

The newest version of PaperCut, PaperCut 20.0, will be available soon. Here’s what you need to know about the new release, including the latest features, and their applications.


Healthcare Integration with Epic

PaperCut MF 20.0 has a new integration with Epic for the Healthcare sector. Hospitals and healthcare providers will have robust print management features including secure printing, find-me printing, and print log tracking with Epic compliance.


Ideal for:

  • SME organizations such as clinics, right through to large enterprise style hospitals.

Self-service printer installation

Reduce the burden on your IT administrators with new features in Print Deploy. Deploy printers that will be automatically installed or installed by the user.


Ideal for environments where:

  • IP ranges don’t entirely reflect physical locations for distributed sites
  • Users need to choose specialty or specific printers (e.g. B&W printers)

Cloud functionality for PaperCut Mobility Print (BETA)

This BETA feature will allow users to print securely over the internet from Mac, Windows and Chromebooks.


Ideal for environments where:

  • Users are not connected to the organizations wifi
  • Users need to submit jobs while remote
  • The organization’s wifi is just an internet connection, with no access to corporate infrastructure

Automatic Application Server failover

This in-app solution is designed to protect the PaperCut Application Server Layer, where clustering or virtualization technologies can’t provide failover.


Ideal for:

  • organizations that are using a network load balancer within their network infrastructure.

Data integrations platform

Third-party reporting tools can access to PaperCut MF data in order to optimize your print fleet and gain a clear picture of your usage.

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