3 Signs you Need a New Copier After
3 Signs you Need a New Copier Before

Growing Team

Your Team Has Grown or Your Workload Has Increased


Your copier may have been perfect for your business when you purchased it, but things change. Are there more people using your copier? Has the average monthly number of prints and copies changed? It may be time to re-evaluate your device to make sure it still meets your needs.

Reliability Issues

You’re Needing More Frequent Repairs


Our highly-trained service team is the best there is, and are skilled at keeping your equipment running for as long as possible. No matter how good the service team, the truth is that high-page-count copiers (similar to high-mileage cars) become less reliable, and eventually will need to be replaced. Have you noticed an increase in service calls? Maybe parts and supplies are becoming harder to get. Your copier has been a great asset to your team but no machine can run forever.


Your Team Demands Greater Efficiency


Technology changes rapidly, and copier technology is no exception. Newer copiers are not only faster and more reliable than their predecessors, but offer more robust workflow, security features, and energy efficiency. For many businesses, an updated copier is the tool that helps their team accomplish more.