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Lately, the question for many consumers seems to be “with today’s supply chain problems, where can I find computers and printers near me that are in stock?” Well, if you work or live in Utah, Nevada, or Northern Arizona, the team here at Les Olson IT has computers and printers close to you in stock and ready to go. That’s not all; as your office technology partner, we have all the products, software, and support that any business needs to run. We are known as a copier/printer dealer, but have expanded to offer everything related to IT, so if you need business telephones, servers, Office 365, or security cameras, we can help. We can also build your network with lightning-fast fiber optic cables, Cat6 cables, and fast and reliable wireless access points.


We know we are selling ourselves hard in this article, but you probably searched a phrase like “Computers and printers near me, in stock,” to have this article recommended to you by Google. With that being the case, you are probably looking for a company that can deliver products or services to you right away.


If that’s the case, fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly to share what we have available and can deliver to you right now.

Our business model has always been one of making significant inventory purchases, so we have product ready to be delivered to our customers unlike companies who use the “just-in-time” inventory model which has shown incredible weakness during the pandemic and resulting supply chain problems.


We are not entirely unaffected by the supply chain problems, but for common items like laptops, laptop accessories, multi-function printers, printer supplies, and more, we have full warehouses in each of our 9 locations.

Map of 9 locations and 13 service areas

9 Locations and Over 13 Service Areas!

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