Technology Perceptions

Is Your Perception of Technology Holding Your Business Back?

Is the way you think about office technology preventing your business from getting ahead? Do you think of technology as a strategic asset that sets your business apart? Or do you consider technology to be something you should spend the bare minimum to procure? Technology allows small businesses to compete with larger corporations and adapt to new market challenges. Businesses that avoid making the necessary investments in their technology often fall behind. So ask yourself, is your perception of technology holding your business back? ... Read More
Laptop Versus Desktop Workstations for Business

Laptop Versus Desktop Workstations for Business

In business, balancing costs with benefits is a big part of the decision-making process. This is especially true when choosing the right technology for your business and employees. When it comes to selecting the right computer workstations, it has become increasingly tricky to ultimately decide between the reliability and performance of a desktop and the versatility and portability of a laptop. Which is right for your business? Let’s explore a few key factors that will help you in your decision. ... Read More