Make Your Best Impression with Quality Paper

Make Your Best Impression with Quality Paper

If It’s Important, Use Quality Paper.

Within the first three seconds of meeting, we evaluate one another. Talk about the importance of first impressions! The same goes for your documents, especially presentations, proposals or sales letters. The paper you choose says something about you – and your company. The crispness of type, the brilliance of colors, and how a document feels in your hand can make a big difference in how your company is perceived.


Your paper doesn’t need to just look better; it needs to feel more substantial. When you factor in all the costs of making color copies, paper represents only about 4% of the total. Yet the quality of your paper can make a big difference in how your document looks. Why skimp? Use genuine Hammermill Color Copy Digital Paper. Its surface is engineered for today’s color copiers and printers.


Hammermill Paper Makes a Great Impression

Its high brightness, smoothness and 99.99% JAM-FREE Guarantee offers you worry-free performance. Make the wise choice and switch to Hammermill Color Copy Digital Paper. Hammermill paper. No worries.


Hammermill Color Copy Digital Paper is perfect for: premium color copies, design proposals, full color presentations and photographic reproduction. Sizes range from 8.5 x 11 to 19 x 13. It’s best for use with Digital printing equipment and color copiers.


Key Advantages:

  • Super smooth surface for excellent toner adhesion
  • Super bright Photo White for excellent image contrast and color reproduction
  • More stable surface for heavier toner applications
  • Perfect toner blending
  • Multiple weights and sizes (up to 19 x 13)
  • Contributes toward satisfying credit MR1 under LEED®
  • Made in USA