Two Things All Copier Vendors Should Do (But Don’t Always)

Two Things All Copier Vendors Should Do (But Don’t Always)

If you run a business, you have a lot on your plate, so you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to save time and money. If you use a copier in your office, we’re here to tell you that it should not add to your workload, but lighten it. With that in mind, here are two things we believe your copier vendor should always be doing for you. If they aren’t, you may want to consider another vendor.


#1 Free Supply Delivery

If your current vendor doesn’t offer free supply delivery, you should really look into some other options. Sure, you could go pick up your supplies in their office, but you’re busy! A good copier vendor will bring supplies directly to you. This benefits you in many ways; it saves you time (and hassle), it saves you money (gas isn’t free) and it saves your back (seriously, have you lifted a case of paper before?). It seems like such a simple thing, but removing the burden of supply management can make a big difference in your busy work day.


#2 Free Ongoing Product Training

It’s hard to ensure everyone in your office knows how to use your copier effectively. In fact, there are probably features on your copier that no one will ever know how to use…features that could help your whole business run more efficiently. There are few things worse than having the job of “internal copier trainer” simply because you either purchased it, or know how to use it better than most. It’s time consuming and an ongoing job, since new hires and department transfers usually need copier help. That’s why it’s important that your copier vendor provides ongoing training on your copier. This can help get new users up to speed on the basic functions of your copy equipment, and also help everyone in your office work more efficiently by learning more of the functions your copier is capable of. The copier training provided should be free, comprehensive and available to anyone in your office – whenever it’s needed and for as long as you own your copier.


Those are two helpful things that can help free up your time for other important jobs. At Les Olson Company, we’re proud to offer free supply delivery within in our service area, and ongoing product training for the life of any copier purchased from us.