Top 4 Benefits of Printing Labels In-house

Top 4 benefits of printing labels in-house

We all know that product packaging makes a huge difference in the appeal of products. Why trust such an important part of your production to an outside vendor? Printing labels in-house can help you produce quality color labels on demand, reduce waste, and increase production flexibility. Here are our top 4 benefits of printing labels in-house.


#1 Produce Labels On Demand

Having a label printer in-house allows you to print the labels you want, when you want them. If you get your labels from a 3rd party vendor, there is a much longer process for ordering labels, which can make the whole thing terribly inefficient. First you have to design the labels, order labels, wait for a proof, approve the proof, and wait for the delivery of your labels. In contrast, an on-site label printer allows you to simply design and print the labels.


Not only are you able to cut down on print time, you’re also able to make changes on the fly. If you realize there’s an issue that needs to be corrected, or you have product changes that require a new label, you have the ability to quickly print new labels to fit your needs. You no longer need to keep a large stockpile of pre-printed labels on hand, and scramble to order more when you realize you’re out. Now you can simply print more as needed.


#2 Less Expensive Short-run Prints

If you’ve ever ordered any printed materials, you know that there’s usually a minimum amount you’re required to order. Even if there isn’t a minimum order amount, it usually makes the cost-per-print astronomically high if you don’t go for the quantity discount. This can result in an excess in labels that you don’t necessarily need. An in-house label printer gives you the flexibility to print only the quantity of labels you need, nothing more. You’re also able to quickly print limited-edition, seasonal, and other short-run labels any time you need them.


#3 Gain Production Flexibility

When you have the ability to print labels as needed, your business can be ready to distribute labeled products at any time; no waiting for your labels to arrive. Your business can gain a competitive edge by launching new products more quickly than rival manufacturers. You can also change your production of products to keep up with the demands of the market. A great example of this is manufacturers switching production to things like hand sanitizer and PPE, items that were in extremely high demand during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you can print your own labels as needed, you’re no longer stuck producing only the products you already have labels for, or putting up with a long wait for new labels.


#4 More Control Over Quality

Printing your own color labels on demand allows you to maintain strict quality control over your labels. There are no more label orders that arrive less than perfect. You are in complete control over color quality and design changes. If you produce products that require you to adhere to 3rd-party labeling regulations, you have the ability to make any changes required to comply with new guidelines. You can also test varying label designs to determine which ones are most appealing to potential buyers.


If you’re ready to take label printing into your own hands, we offer the Formax line of ColorMax Digital Color Label Printers. Get a demo or quote to determine if an onsite label printer could benefit your business.

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