Managing Documents for Remote Workers

Managing Documents for Remote Workers

If your business doesn’t have the ability to go remote with its business processes today, you’re not alone. In recent years, businesses have slowly been converting their traditional, paper-based processes to digital workflows, but most aren’t 100% prepared to move away from paper. Normally they could transition at their own pace, but with the current global pandemic, and many work-from-home directives, businesses are urgently trying to address their technology gaps.


In your business, your document workflow likely begins with an individual who physically walks a paper document from one place in the office to another. That’s something we’d like to help you change. In this article we will explore how digital workflows can simplify your business, while allowing your employees to continue completing their work, even if they can’t do it in the office.


DO Centralize Your Records

It’s very common for businesses to have a server on-site where files are accessed. When remote work comes into play, it becomes harder to access and share information because of the added barrier of VPN technology to effectively access needed data. With multiple users working from home, there can also be constraints on the network, which can cause a slow connection. A slow connection can mean slower workers.


A Document Management solution, like DocuWare, allows you to provide your employees with a web portal where they can access business files quickly and efficiently. It also allows you to get rid of disorganized network drives and paper files.


DO Streamline Your Processes

In offices across the United States, many processes are still handled manually. This is concerning because of the need to pass a paper document from person to person at a time when contact isn’t recommended. For some businesses following work-from-home orders, this isn’t even possible right now, but offices that are still up and running shouldn’t have documents come into contact with multiple pairs of hands as it’s an unnecessary risk to the health of employees.


These same processes and workflows can and should be happening digitally. Not only is it safer, it’s more efficient.


DO Ensure Privacy

Choose a solution that satisfies regulatory requirements, and meets high security standards.


DocuWare is a Comprehensive Best Practice Solution

  • Centralized files in the cloud
    • Cloud and on-premise options
  • Simplified workflows
    • Digitize existing paper-based workflows
    • Simplify existing digital workflows
    • Automated tasks and organize documents
  • Mobile access
    • Empower remote workers to access information on more devices
    • Convenient mobile apps and web browser client
  • Work from home
    • Connect all of your team members with a unified process
  • Manage employees
    • More insight into employee workloads & productivity
  • Easy audits & secure data
  • Specific solutions for HR, AP, Sales, Legal, etc.
  • Satisfy privacy and regulatory requirements

DON’T Leave Employees to Find Their Own Solutions

During this time, businesses should be aware of the risks of shadow IT This is where individuals within an organization utilize software or apps on their own, without the help of their IT Administrator. It’s important to provide your employees with a solution like Document Management so that everyone is on the same page with a sanctioned solution, rather than having employees go out and find their own workarounds like Google Drive, OneDrive, or other tools that can help them do their jobs, but don’t pass muster when it comes to security.


You absolutely don’t want your employees transacting business data and information through personal accounts. You will have no control over how long those accounts exist, what information is retained there, and what’s in the end-user license agreement. You will also be unable to do your due diligence to ensure it meets your security expectations, and/or compliance requirements. If you can centralize your tools, you will set your business up for success and limit your liability.


DON’T Use Email for Document Sharing

Email is now an increasingly important tool for staying engaged with your team. The temptation will be to use email to pass files back and forth. This will work on a limited basis, however we recommend you don’t use email as your file sharing system. This can lead to lost documents, disrupted workflow, and overlooking other important communications.


We understand that you have many challenges right now, and we want you to know that we’re here to help you overcome them. We have the solutions to your work-from-home problems and we’re ready to quickly get your remote work solutions up and running.


Employee records scattered all over – paper, emails, PDFs, etc.


Centralized, organized and safe records


Overwhelming Administrative effort and tedious search of information


Ready-to-use workflow


Security gaps, painful auditing processes, unprotected data access


Audit readiness and compliance with EEOC, HIPAA, PII, GDPR

Document Management

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