What is SIP Trunking?

Session Initiation Protocol

If someone were to walk up to you today and ask which type of phone system your company uses, would you be able to tell them? Chances are you would return their question with a blank stare and a red face. Luckily the following information is aimed to educate and inform about phone systems, specifically SIP Trunking, and hopefully shed some light on what can be an intimidating topic.


Session Initiation Protocol, more commonly known as SIP Trunking, is a way for business phone systems to operate through an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. This allows for increased mobility and creates a way for advanced IP features to work across multiple locations. This mobility suggests that a physical connection to a phone company is no longer required. This means that you don’t have to deal with the headache of hardware, wiring, and circuit boxes.


So How Does SIP Trunking Benefit Your Business?

It can in many ways, but the main three reasons include:

  1. Lower Cost
  2. More Reliability
  3. Easier to Scale

Cost of SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking can drastically decrease costs for your business. With SIP Trunking, you can reduce multiple phone lines into a single point of entry. This means that not only do you pay less for the line, but you pay less in the IT cost and maintenance associated with the line. Saving money on the hardware is just one benefit of SIP Trunking. SIP Trunking services cost significantly less than traditional phone companies, sometimes even with savings as high as 60-80%. This savings allows your company to get the highest quality service for the lowest cost possible.


Reliability of SIP Trunking

Businesses depend on reliability. With SIP Trunking, your business can count on its phone system to be reliable. Because SIP Trunking works hand in hand with the internet, it is able to handle problems quickly and efficiently. For example, if a system fails or emergencies occur, SIP Trunking providers can ensure that your business stays up and running by rerouting to a data line or forwarding the PBX to mobile phones. SIP Trunking is also reliable because it works hand in hand with modern phone systems. SIP Trunking even has the ability to transfer and use old phone numbers, while still offering an affordable price for new numbers. Finally, SIP Trunking involves less maintenance, keeping your business focused on moving forward, rather than spending valuable time trying to fix and maintain outdated equipment.



Progress is the main goal for many businesses, as it rightly should be. Because of this, the dynamics of many companies are constantly growing and changing. SIP Trunking can grow right along with your business. SIP Trunking uses a virtual connection, so adding lines is easy. Modifying service is also fast and simple, so when you are concerned about adaptability, SIP Trunking is the way to go.


When it comes to SIP Trunking, there are four main things you need to remember:
  1. With the appropriate system calls from your office phone can ring on your desk phone, mobile phone, or simultaneously.
  2. All SIP based calls and call routing can be centrally handled for all locations.
  3. A single IP PBX can support users in multiple sites across the nation.
  4. SIP can save you time and money, while providing the most reliable and scalable phone system on the market.


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