It’s ELECTRIFYING: How Surge Protectors Could Save Your Equipment

How Surge Protectors Could Save Your Equipment

Many of you probably remember watching the movie Ghostbusters growing up. Chances are, you remember being TERRIFIED of Gozer, the female ghost famous for zapping the Ghostbusters with lightning and transforming into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to terrorize the city of New York.


While it is highly unlikely that a ghost that shoots lightning from her hands will come and wreak actual havoc anytime soon, there is something equally as electrifying that could cause significant damage to businesses and equipment all over. Power surges can cause thousands of dollars of damage to equipment, so we want to help your company be prepared in case of an emergency.


What exactly does a surge protector do, and how does it help protect my computer system?

It’s fairly simple. When there is a power surge, the voltage will spike at a level that, if your computer is unprotected, will cause the full force of the voltage to enter the computer system, causing it to fry the hardware and ruin thousands of dollars of equipment. A surge protector serves as a shield for the equipment, blocking or grounding the spike in voltage so that your equipment remains unharmed.


Take this example shared by Aaron Mehrley, our Corporate Vice President of Service here at Les Olson Company. Recently, he emailed us to share an experience one of our great clients in the St. George area had when their equipment was saved by one of the Advanced ESP surge protectors we provide with every new device installation.


Mehrley states, “Jeff Olsen, one of our Senior Technicians, was called onsite to repair a device that had experienced a terrible power surge. Fortunately, the device was connected to an ESP Digital QC surge protector, which saved their machine! After having done its job remarkably well, Jeff replaced the surge protector with a new one, and the MFP worked perfectly. No circuit boards, fuses or parts needed to be replaced. Without an advanced surge suppressor in place, this could have been a very costly repair and could have led to the necessity of replacing the machine.”


The images below show the surge protector that the company was using. If the equipment was simply plugged into a power strip, it would not have been protected. Without these surge protectors, this could have been their equipment!

How Surge Protectors Could Save Your Equipment
How Surge Protectors Could Save Your Equipment

Now, there is a difference between a regular power strip and a surge protector. Power strips simply serve as an extension of a wall outlet, so they serve little to no protection when power spikes occur. Surge protectors like the one shown above protect the circuits based on the number of joules or units of energy they can resist. As mentioned above, they serve as a wall or a shield, protecting your equipment from significant damage. Thousands of dollars can be saved by simply hooking your equipment up to a surge protector.


Where can I get a surge protector for my equipment?

All equipment purchased from Les Olson Company comes standard with a surge protector. We believe strongly in protecting the equipment that we sell so that you can be at ease when these surges occur. We also sell surge protectors to people with different brands of equipment so that you can feel protected as well. Les Olson Company is not just your vendor–we are your partner in equipment protection and a Sharp Platinum Service Provider.


For more information, or to request a surge protector for your machine, fill out the form below. We look forward to working with your business.


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