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Data Breach Anatomy: What Are They and What to Do?

How to spot a possible breach? The best way to stop a data breach is to stop it before it even starts. This includes taking steps from making sure passwords are long and complex to report suspicious emails. If you do suspect that you have been the victim of a breach, immediately contact your IT department or device provider to notify them and follow subsequent protocols to help them scan, detect, and remediate any issues that exist. ... Read More
Signs You're Getting Scammed By a Toner Pirate

Signs You’re Getting Scammed By a Toner Pirate

How can you tell if your talking to a toner pirate? Typically they will make their first call to your office to ask for the model numbers of your copy and print equipment. Later, they will call back, appearing to have a knowledge of your company’s office equipment and supply needs. In many cases, they will pretend to be with the company you bought your office equipment from, making them seem trustworthy. ... Read More