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Les Olson Company Named Sharp AAA Platinum Service Provider 2019-2020

Les Olson Company Named Sharp AAA Platinum Service Provider 2019-2020

Les Olson Company has once again achieved AAA Platinum Service Provider status from Sharp. Sharp created their service rating program to distinguish service providers that don't just meet, but exceed performance benchmarks and the implementation of industry best practices. The AAA Platinum Service Provider rating is a reflection of a dealer's commitment to best practices in the following critical areas of service delivery: ... Read More
How do I get rid of black lines on my copies?

How Do I Get Rid of Lines on My Copies?

Are your documents sending the wrong message? After all, as the saying goes, presentation is everything. If your copies are marred with unprofessional-looking black lines or dots, it might reflect poorly on your business. Avoid this mistake by making sure your documents are sending a clear message, free from any unintended distractions. ... Read More
copier error message power button

Solving a Copier Error Message

Do you ever get a copier error message? If you do, your first instinct is probably to call for service. But in many cases, there is an easier solution. When your computer gives you trouble, the first thing you should try is rebooting. Similarly, error codes on your copier can often times be resolved simply by turning your copier off and back on again. While it’s quite possible that your machine actually needs maintenance, in a lot of cases, this will reset your copier, resolving the a wide array of error codes without needing to call for service. ... Read More
Toner flaking off paper? Easy fix.

Toner flaking off paper? Easy fix.

Have you ever noticed the toner flaking off of your copies or prints? It’s a frustrating issue, but the solutions is actually quite simple. Keep reading to find out how to easily fix flaking toner. HOW YOUR COPIER WORKS Your copier works by using heat to fuse toner to paper. The amount of heat needed to effectively fuse the toner to the page will vary depending on the thickness of the paper. ... Read More
How Surge Protectors Could Save Your Equipment

It’s ELECTRIFYING: How Surge Protectors Could Save Your Equipment

It’s fairly simple. When there is a power surge, voltage will spike at a level that, if your computer is unprotected, will cause the full force of the voltage to enter the computer system, causing it to fry the hardware and ruin thousands of dollars of equipment. A surge protector serves as a shield for the equipment, blocking or grounding the spike in voltage so that your equipment remains unharmed. ... Read More
What kind of power supply does my copy machine need?

What kind of power supply Does My Copier Need?

Smaller copy machines will usually take a standard 120 volt, 15 amp circuit with the familiar looking outlet you are accustomed to seeing. Larger copiers are going to require more power to run properly. These machines typically require a 120 volt, 20 amp circuit with a dedicated line. This means that this circuit cannot be shared with any other electronics. No power strips that are shared by multiple devices should be used here. Plug that coffee pot in elsewhere! ... Read More