What kind of power supply Does My Copier Need?

What kind of power supply does my copy machine need?

Taking a lesson from Doctor Emmett Brown, power is crucial to achieving our goals. For him, precisely 1.21 gigawatts of power was needed to energize the flux capacitor in a 1982 DeLorean to achieve time travel. For us, we need power on a much smaller scale; like running a plethora of business devices. In comparison, Doc Brown’s 1.21 gigawatts is 1,210,000,000 watts; that would run the average Multi-function copier at full capacity for 287 years!


Smartly, you wouldn’t want to provide 1.21 gigawatts all at once to any of your printers and copy machines. You would fry all of your office technology, Ouch! On the other end of the scale,you wouldn’t want your machines running on too low of a power which could lead to tripped breakers, poor print quality, and damage to the machine itself.


So how much power does my copier require?

Smaller copy machines will usually take a standard 120 volt, 15 amp circuit with the familiar looking outlet you are accustomed to seeing. Larger copiers are going to require more power to run properly. These machines typically require a 120 volt, 20 amp circuit with a dedicated line. This means that this circuit cannot be shared with any other electronics. No power strips that are shared by multiple devices should be used here. Plug that coffee pot in elsewhere!


A good way to find out how much power your device needs is to check the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. It makes sense doesn’t it, for those who created the product to know what’s needed for it to run proficiently? Additionally, your product manual should list guidelines for power supply, consumption and energy saving measures. All of which can help your device become more efficient.


Please be aware that some manufacturers will create systems that run on a 15 amp power source because they don’t want the customer to worry about having a new line brought in. Many of these machines require a 20 amp circuit to perform properly, but the manufacturers feel that requiring a customer to install these new lines would be a stumbling block in eventually making the sale. Be sure to purchase from reputable manufacturers like Sharp who are more interested in providing a good customer experience, rather than making a quick sale. Although it may be a bit more work in the beginning, having the correct power source will ensure your machine performs to the best of its capabilities.


Check which type of power supply you need here!


Warning Signs

Still not sure if you’re currently using the correct power? Consider a few of these warning signs:

  • Your printer has sporadic on/off times.
  • There is ghosting or shadowing behind the letters.
  • You experience smearing or flaking of toner due to a low temperature error on your
  • Multi-function printer.
  • Jamming or misfiring of machine.
  • Constant need for repairs.

These are all issues that may be occurring due to an incorrect power supply, or they may just be signs that your current machine has come to the end of its functional life. Take a look here at the Top 3 Signs You Need a New Copier. After all, your office equipment is an integral part of your business; and any downtime is surely costing you money.


If you are having problems with any of these signs, double check that the product guidelines and the outlet wattage match up. Or better yet, reach out to us! We have the products and experts to help keep your business running smooth and efficient.

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