HP A3 Printers for Manufacturing
  • IndustryManufacturing
  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • ChallengeManufacturing bottlenecks create delays that lower productivity and jeopardize timelines
  • SolutionHP's A3 printers help minimize disruptions with reliability, fast printing speeds, and affordable color printing
  • ChallengeManufacturing companies have valuable, proprietary product designs and details that could be at risk of cyber attacks
  • SolutionSafeguard sensitive information with built-in print security features that monitor, detect and validate
  • ChallengeThe Manufacturing industry accounts for 22% of carbon emissions in the United States, 12% globally
  • SolutionHP's A3 devices are Energy Star Certified and use less electricity to help you reduce your carbon footprint

Printing innovation for highly productive businesses; A3 multifunction printers from HP feature technology that transforms the copier experience for manufacturing customers and service professionals. For companies engaged in manufacturing and distribution, time is money, so downtime is the worst possible scenario. Many of these companies find themselves continually frustrated by the frequent service required to keep outdated copiers — with their dozens of replaceable parts that can fail
at any time — running.

maximum uptime and reliability

Unmatched Speeds, No-compromise Color


With fewer parts to replace — HP PageWide MFPs have no drums, fusers, or developers — servicing is simpler and repairs are faster. Cloud tools and device-based sensing capabilities can monitor and diagnose many service needs to help minimize downtime and cut costs. HP Smart Device Services can anticipate parts servicing before a part fails and avoid premature ink and toner replacement. Workflow integration makes it easier to disseminate materials to team members on the factory floor or at a customer site, relieving
typical bottlenecks of approvals and revisions.


Timelines are critical, so printing accurately and professionally the first time saves time and leads to better use and allocation of labor hours. The 11×17 format of A3 MFPs enables scientists and process engineers to print, scan, and copy larger-format documents in high-resolution color and distribute them downstream as needed. One worker can scan, copy, or fax while print jobs are executing for others, saving time for quick changes to specifications and diagrams. Fast, two-sided printing helps save on costs and cuts down on the time needed to get documents to the job site.


HP PageWide and Color LaserJet MFP produce premium, professional-quality color documents at a competitive low cost,4 empowering businesses to augment communications through color documents that lead to greater operational efficiency. Color makes it easier to facilitate understanding, track changes, and identify critical information quickly.5 This adds up to better returns, reduced human error, and less rework, cutting down on operational costs and reducing the potential for misunderstandings that could result in compliance violations. Options such as in-cave stapler stacker, hole punch, high-capacity staple/stack, and booklet makers make it easier and quicker to produce customer-ready packets in house, rather than through commercial printers.

secure network access

Protect Sensitive Information


Manufacturers deal with highly confidential customer data and intellectual property that are at risk of cyberattack. HP printers offer powerful security for any office, with features that can detect and stop an attack as it happens. HP PageWide and LaserJet Enterprise devices feature industry-leading embedded
security features including Sure Start, run-time intrusion detection, and whitelisting, making them the world’s most secure printers. HP PageWide Pro devices feature secure boot and firmware integrity checking. Enterprise models
can even self-heal from attacks automatically.

88%of manufacturing executives say their companies have experienced a cyber attack that resulted in the theft or loss of business information during the past 12 months.

environmental responsibility

Conserve Production Resources and Energy


Designed to save energy, HP MFPs cut costs to boost operational effectiveness and profitability. PageWide MFP models are designed to use less energy than any other laser printer in their class. HP A3 PageWide products also perform
well across a variety environments, from clean rooms to dirty mines, factories, and construction sites. It’s a new era for business. Manufacturers need powerful tools to help improve design, production, supply-chain management, and distribution. HP is reinventing copier technology with a wide range of Color LaserJet and PageWide MFPs that offer the best in security, productivity, and quality color at the lowest cost per page.

The manufacturing industry accounts for22%of carbon emissions in the united states and 12% globally.


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