With the average employee using 2.3 devices to do their job, securing and managing an increasingly diverse landscape of endpoints is an ongoing struggle for IT managers. Adopting a Device as a Service (DaaS) model can make IT easier, by providing employees with the latest technologies while offloading routine device management tasks—and freeing IT for other priorities.

Deploy New Devices with Flexibility


With DaaS, your service provider ensures you always have the right devices to meet workforce demands. You can easily scale up or scale down to accommodate staffing or business changes.

Daas Device as a Service Deploy devices

Keep Devices Up to Date


With device and software refreshes and updates as part of your DaaS plan, your end users will always have the latest technologies for optimal productivity.

Daas Computer and software Update

Improve Productivity


Forcing legacy devices to keep up with recent innovations is risky and can impact employee productivity. Performance features, support, and security can come built in to the latest devices and operating systems.

Benefits of a paperless office streamlined workflows
Daas Cost Savings

Save Money and IT Resources


By offloading device management to a trusted partner, your IT team can spend less time troubleshooting and maintaining devices and focus on other priorities. Plus, optimize spending with one predictable price per device.

Daas Endpoint Security

Secure End-user Devices


Track the enforcement of security policies such as firewalls, encryption, password protection, antivirus protection, and device lock and wipe. The right DaaS partner can help you proactively approach security threats by providing the latest technologies.