Why Businesses Should Consider a Network Analysis

A Look Behind the Curtain: Why Your Business Should Consider a Network Analysis

How well do you know your network?

Few things can seem more abstract than the health of your network. Be honest, it’s not something you think about frequently, and when you do, you probably feel overwhelmed by the complexities of keeping it secure and running smoothly.


Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best isn’t a great strategy, but it’s hard to have a clear picture of your business network and its health. Even the smallest of computer networks can be very complex. From computers to firewalls, internet service to routers – it’s hard to keep up. That’s why getting a professional analysis of your network is such a good idea. Many I.T. service providers can perform a network analysis to help you identify vulnerabilities that could leave your organization at risk of an interruption.


Based on the results of your network analysis, you can get recommendations on ways to augment your security systems, and get more from your existing technology infrastructure. A network analysis report is generally an overview of devices on your network, along with a network risk score, with analysis of each potential issue uncovered. The company performing your network analysis should review the report with you to discuss their findings in detail and answer your questions.


While a network analysis covers many aspects of your security and infrastructure, here are just a few items you can expect an analysis to review:

  • Creates a list of users in AD, status, and last login/use to help identify potential security risks
  • Tests internet access and performance
  • Pinpoints security holes and warnings from external vulnerability scan
  • Lists major apps/versions and count of installations
  • Identifies computers with weak passwords, or missing security updates
  • Documents access to file system shares
  • And much more…

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