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Why Get Office 365 from Les Olson Company?

Why Get Microsoft 365 from Les Olson Company?

There's no question that Office 365 has become the go-to suite of productivity and collaboration tools for businesses. While your business has many options for how to get Office 365, there are some distinct benefits to purchasing Office 365 through Les Olson Company. ... Read More
How to Create an Optimal Meeting Environment

How to Create an Optimal Meeting Environment

Meetings can be incredibly productive and worthwhile when all the pieces fall into place. The issue is when team members aren't comfortable or engaged. They're not ready to settle in and focus, therefore the meeting can actually be an enormous waste of time and effort. In this article we want to explore how to set up your meeting for success by creating an optimal meeting environment. ... Read More
Tips for Enabling Remote Work with Microsoft Teamsv

Tips for Enabling Remote Work with Microsoft Teams

Transitioning to Remote Work with Microsoft Teams Enabling remote work is now more important than ever. Even after things return to a relative sense of normal, remote work will likely remain a vital part of business operations. Whether there's a health crisis or not, giving employees the tools needed to stay productive and connected from anywhere is a smart strategy. Our choice for remote collaboration is Microsoft Teams, a solution we use throughout our own organization. ... Read More
Tech companies help businesses fight spread of coronavirus with free remote work tools

Tech Companies Help Fight Coronavirus with Free Remote Work Tools

There has been much anxiety about COVID-19, better known as Coronavirus, and many people are asking whether they should be working from home. In uncertain times, it feels good to find something productive to do, maybe even something that you can control the outcome of. For businesses in most parts of the United States, good hand hygiene around the office will go a long way in keeping employees healthy. That being said, there may come a time when your business will need to implement a plan-b for employees who work in a traditional office space. ... Read More