Managed IT Versus Traditional IT

Managed IT Versus Traditional IT

Think of your absolute favorite babysitter from childhood. What did they do that made them so successful? Every babysitter was different—some were proactive, some were reactive; some made the best mac n’ cheese in the whole world and others may have started small stove fires while trying to heat up some water.


Using Managed IT Services can be compared to having an incredible babysitter for your company. The proactive monitoring, increased productivity and overall security allows you to be rest assured that your company is in good hands. How does Managed IT Services differ from traditional IT Services? It can be broken down into three main differences: more personal, more productive and more proactive.



With Traditional IT Services, it is rare to have a service expert that knows the specific needs of your company. Oftentimes, you will work with someone who has been called and sent to work on a specific problem, but you most likely won’t see him or her again. Traditional IT Services operate on a much more reactive scale—if there is a problem, you will need to send for someone that can resolve it. However, finding someone who can actually address the need can turn out to be a chore.


With Managed IT Services, support is always available, eliminating reliance on an internal team that may not be available when needed most. An adviser is assigned to your company, helping your team make important practical and economical decisions to ensure long term IT efficiency. Managed IT Services give you the manpower necessary to be more productive in the workplace while providing top-notch, personal help with everyday IT issues.



Many companies, especially small businesses, generally have someone working there that wears many hats. One of those many hats is a “fix-it” hat; meaning, when any IT problems arise, Bob from accounting swoops in to save the day with the knowledge he gained by watching a couple online videos. This may prove to be successful for some companies, but as the company grows, the necessity grows to have a more intensive, productive IT system to protect company information and reduce risk to the business.


When companies expand, they sometimes staff an entire in-house IT team that monitors and fixes IT issues as they arise. With Managed IT Services, you outsource your IT team, proving to be more effective and more cost-efficient, so you don’t have to provide salary and benefits for an outsourced team.


With Managed IT Services, the productivity of your online system increases. The system is automatically optimized so issues can be prevented before they arise. Your company receives alerts when technology is nearing the end of its life-cycle, preventing unnecessary downtime when equipment gets switched out. Automatic data alerts and off-site data recovery help ensure that your business processes are streamlined and your productivity is increased. Overall, Managed IT Services helps your company be more productive on a day-to-day basis.



Traditional IT Services tend to work from a more reactive standpoint. While traditional IT Services are not inherently bad, they can prove to be inconvenient as your company grows and expands. And, as your company grows, it would be wise to consider outsourcing your IT Services in order to focus on other important aspects of your business.


Managed IT Services allows your company to be more proactive with security updates and backups; both done automatically to ensure that your company does not waste time. The proactive approach of Managed IT Services raise awareness of internal issues before they become a messy problem that is a headache to solve. Having a proactive IT service will be very beneficial as your company grows and expands.



Managed IT is just like the babysitter that every parent dreams of. With Managed IT Services, you as a businessperson, can rest assured that the IT issues that arise will be taken care of by a team of trusted individuals. At Les Olson Company, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality Managed IT services to organizations throughout Utah and Las Vegas, so they can run their businesses stress-free.

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