Making More Engaging Business Presentations

Making More Engaging Business Presentations

In today’s fast-paced and innovative environment, academic and business presentations should no longer be boring — limited by inefficiencies and lack of innovation. Thanks to pioneering technologies, we can now deliver meetings that are simultaneously creative, collaborative, educational, and productive. Your time and the time of those you give your presentations to are important, so creating presentations that are as engaging as they are informative is essential. Given this, your organization could benefit from a digital presentation system. Gone are the days of the whiteboard, and even the static slides. Now it’s all about interactivity.


The Digital Whiteboard, the ultimate collaborative tool.

Personally, the best meetings I have been part of enhancing collective teamwork and boost creative, open forum discussion. These tend to be both educational and very productive opportunities. I’ve also found that human face-to-face contact is the best method of communication. In a modern global marketplace where the mobile market and the way we work constantly shift, staying connected, seeing our associates face-to-face and collaborating in a meaningful way is more relevant than ever. A good digital whiteboard provides the technology required to present, promote, and share ideas face-to-face from anywhere in the world. With the right tool, anyone involved in the meeting can project a presentation directly from any mobile device right onto the screen. These are invaluable assets for large and small organizations alike who require connectivity and teamwork to get the job done right.


Getting your message across.

Are you getting the most out of your presentations, or do you find your audience dozing off with disinterest? Several studies have found that presenters who utilize visual aids within their presentations are considered to be more prepared, credible, dynamic, and persuasive than comparable speakers who do not use visual aids.[1] Humans are sensory beings, with many of us compelled by strong visuals that can back up a speaker’s message. With the aid of an interactivity Digital Presentation Board, the possibilities are endless as you harness your creativity to truly make your message memorable. Furthermore, some organizations that have extensive customer walk-ins have capitalized upon using digital displays for strengthening the customer’s in-store experience. This can result in a customer satisfaction surge and can help promote brand awareness. Whether your specific needs are internal or external, a digital touchscreen presentation board can facilitate enhanced message or brand delivery.

Innovative design and features.

At Les Olson Company, we highly recommend the Sharp Aquos Board. This dynamic digital presentation system helps bring your presentations to life with up to an impressive industry-leading 80-inch screen for engaging imagery. Each board is also equipped with the photo technology to produce five times the brightness of plasma screens while simultaneously using only one third of the power consumption, so your green standards won’t be compromised. Stylus-like touch pens are available on each model, allowing users to access a unique control menu which can be displayed when up to four people are writing on the screen at the same time. For interactive networked needs, documents can be scanned on your Sharp MFP directly to the board to be drawn on or edited however you need; then, any image on the board can be printed or saved to the Cloud.


If you are not currently using this technology, the competition likely is and those businesses are subsequently one step ahead in getting their message across. This powerful tool can help you grow your business and reach new heights of producivity.


What are you waiting for? Jump on board! Contact a representative today to take a look at this powerful technology. With Les Olson Company, you will be given the tools and resources you need to motivate your audience, improve your image, and create an impactful message.

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