Sharp Aquos PN-C861H PN-C751H PN-CE701H Presentation Boards

Looking for a smart, interactive display for your office or classroom? Meet the all-in-one Sharp Aquos PN-C861H PN-C751H PN-CE701H Presentation Boards that make all your visual communications more lively and productive. Available in three sizes—86″ Class (85 9/16″ diagonal), 75″ Class (74 1/2″ diagonal) and 70″ Class (69 1/2″ diagonal), respectively—this series opens up an affordable path to pristine 4K Ultra HD resolution. A pre-installed launcher makes it quick and easy to start up and use the interactive whiteboard. Your lecture, presentation, or lesson can now be more creative and involving.

A Smart All-in-One Touchscreen to Enliven Your Office or Classroom

  • Stress-Free OperationEven without a PC, you can use overlay mode to write onscreen annotations directly onto photos, videos and documents. This function is especially handy when you need to share meeting notes
  • Flexible and ExpandableThe LCD panel recognizes up to 20* touch points. Up to four people at a time—even young students—can use a finger or touch pen to add their input when inspiration strikes. Meetings, lessons and brainstorming sessions will come alive
  • Get Your Message AcrossThe PN-C861H, PN-C751H and PN-CE701H interactive displays support 4K Ultra HD and capture the fine textures of still and video images, while also reproducing the precise details of small text and complex graphics. It’s an ideal large-scale monitor for professional use in a range of environments, from engineering and architecture to academia and creative fields
  • User-Friendly SHARP Pen SoftwareThe easy-to-launch SHARP Pen Software interface has a menu with smartly arranged icons. These give you easy access to pen settings and other useful functions. Further handy functions* include access to cloud storage, an e-mail address book, sticky notes and bookmarks


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