IT Services vs. Managed IT – What’s the Difference?

Date: March 7, 2024
Author: Barry Preusz


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IT Services

IT services consist of a one-time project by professional IT experts limited in project length. The scope of the managed service providers can include any of the services typically found in information technology, from hardware installation, cabling, database setup, software implementation, and cybersecurity to just fixing something that is not functioning. These third-party service providers can include more than one service type.


List of IT Services (Typical)

  • Install company network system.
  • Install company cloud-based apps and data storage.1
  • Upgrade network security system.
  • Fix cybersecurity breach.
  • Customized solutions for data center migrations.
  • Improve company network infrastructure.
  • Perform disaster recovery.
  • Install ethernet or fiber optic cables.
  • Install new network servers.
  • Set up firewalls.
  • Install new hardware or software.
  • Set up endpoint security.
  • Provide data and hard drive destruction.
  • Upgrade technology infrastructure.


IT Expert Services


Outsourced IT Support – How It Works

An IT service typically begins with a professional IT service company sending an expert technician to a business organization to determine their IT needs. These tech service providers develop a plan to meet those needs and then present a proposal to the client company. The company reviews the proposal and may accept or negotiate adjustments to align the proposed service with company goals and budgets.


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Managed IT Services

Managed IT solutions involve ongoing maintenance and monitoring of IT functions on a contractual basis, extending over a specified period. It may begin with an installation, operational testing, or training company staff. It may also start with assessing an existing network system to determine its shortfalls in meeting the client company's needs. The managed IT service may continue with system maintenance, hardware updates, software integrations, database backups, rerouting cables, cybersecurity protocols, replacing equipment, and other items the business needs. These contractual services are usually 1 to 5 years and renew when they expire. Most companies find that the rapidly changing nature of technology and business growth demands ongoing outsourced services to bring expert technicians to service their company's information technology needs.

IT Consulting

An IT service can also include a temporary external consulting service to a company's internal IT department. Technology is advancing quickly, and many overburdened IT departments need an external service provider. Companies like Les Olson IT of Salt Lake City, Utah, help small IT departments keep up with the latest advances through consulting and installing new equipment. An external IT support service can assess network vulnerabilities and shortcomings and offer best-practice solutions. Overstressed internal IT departments benefit from an external services provider that brings expertise and the essential services needed to repair compromised networks and update to the latest technologies. Often, companies find that hiring an external service provider is more cost-effective and simple than hiring additional IT staff for their internal organization. External service providers often augment internal resources with greater cost efficiency than an otherwise internal team.


Outsourced IT Services


List of IT Management Services

  • IT infrastructure support, including the latest technology, hardware, software, network security, monitoring, and cloud services.
  • Help desk support, including a central point of contact for all IT needs. Help desk technicians can troubleshoot problems, answer questions, and resolve issues.
  • Cloud services support, encompassing cloud migration and management of cloud-based applications and data storage.
  • Cybersecurity services to meet government compliance to protect sensitive employee and customer data and to thwart cyberattacks.
  • Firewall management to detect intrusions and scan for vulnerabilities.
  • Data storage and management to help businesses update to the latest technology by digitizing paper documents for storage, search, and retrieval. Tasks include data backup, disaster recovery, and data archiving.
  • Hardware and software support services to configure software, troubleshoot problems and repair hardware.
  • IT training provides training to internal IT personnel and company employees on how to implement and use new technologies and safeguard sensitive company information.
  • Provide business continuity.
  • Network management from a managed services provider.


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IT Services vs. Managed IT Services

IT services differ slightly from Managed IT Services in that managed services extend for a specified period, usually involving system maintenance rather than an installation or repair project that ends at completion. During IT services, work occurs on a project basis. Upon project completion, the job ends. However, the work continues under a managed IT service for a specified time.


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Professional information technology companies like Les Olson IT provide both IT services and managed IT solutions. Les Olson IT has eight offices throughout Utah to help businesses keep networking equipment functioning correctly and in compliance with federal and local regulations and with international standards.2 Las Vegas also has a Les Olson IT office to assist. Each office provides customized solutions tailored to your company's needs. This technology company offers tech services to meet small business, enterprise, and organizational technology needs.

Les Olson IT serves its clients in both roles of IT solutions and managed IT, catering to the needs of each growing business on a case-by-case basis. This information technology company is known for implementing best practices and superior service to help organizations gain a competitive edge and achieve business goals. Augment your in-house support with less expensive external tailored services. Receive on-site managed service to support your IT operations. Check out Les Olson IT for a free IT consultation or assessment by calling 801-983-9246 M-F, 8 am to 5 pm, or complete the form below.


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