Don’t Overlook Your Copier Security

Don’t Overlook Your Copier Security

A digital copier is a valuable tool that helps businesses stay productive. Chances are you have one or many around your office. Just as likely, a great deal of sensitive information passes through your digital copier on a daily basis. Do you ever copy, print, scan or fax documents that contain proprietary information? Things like social security numbers, contact information or credit card numbers.


While most businesses go to great lengths to ensure that their computers and network infrastructures are secure, many business owners overlook their copiers as a potential risk to their data security. Why is this a problem? Because digital copiers ARE computers. The hard drive in a digital copier stores data about the documents it copies, prints, scans, faxes and emails. If you don’t properly protect your data, it can be stolen from the hard drive.


Protecting your sensitive information is more than just a good idea, it’s your legal responsibility. According to the FTC, companies must maintain reasonable procedures to protect sensitive information. Depending on the information your business stores, transmits and receives – you may have more specific compliance obligations. Your business may be required to follow the “Disposal Rule,” which requires a company to properly dispose of any such information stored on its digital copier, just as it would properly dispose of paper information or information stored in its computers.



  1. Before you purchase or lease a copier, learn about the options for securing the data on the device. Many devices offer data security features, which involves the encryption and overwriting of critical data. Not all copiers are the same, and neither are the dealers you purchase them from. Do your research and ask your dealer how they’ll dispose of the data on your equipment once it’s returned.
  2. Make sure your copiers are managed by your company’s IT staff. Employees who are responsible for securing your servers and computers should be aware that they are also expected to secure the data on your digital copiers.
  3. When using your copier, use all of the security features available and securely overwrite the entire hard drive at least once a month. There are also software products that can offer more peace of mind with features like Secure Print Release.
  4. When it’s time to replace your copier, check with your dealer about your options for securing your copiers’ hard drive. They may offer services such as hard drive removal. It’s a good idea to have a professional remove your copier’s hard drive, rather than doing it yourself.



Les Olson Company is committed to protecting the data of our customers. When it comes time to upgrade or replace your old system, you can relax knowing that Les Olson Company takes extra precautions to ensure that your data won’t end up in anyone else’s hands.


We remove the hard drives from every machine that is traded in and wipe them, regardless of the brand. All hard drives from printers and MFPs are removed and wiped to comply with DOD 5220.22-M 3 Pass Standard using WipeDrive Professional; a program trusted by many organizations – including the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.


Customers may also keep the hard drive from their old machine for a small fee, which covers the cost of purchasing a new hard drive, installing and reprogramming it. Customers may also take and wipe their own hard drives to their satisfaction and return them to us at no charge.


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