Is Double-sided Printing a Good Option?

Would you like to start saving more money? First, it’s a major energy saver to print double-sided in that you are consuming less energy compared to what you normally would. Second, you’ll use less paper. You won’t have to place a paper order as often as you have in the past. ... Read More

Prioritizing Cybersecurity in a Hybrid Workplace

These are just a few simple steps towards achieving the best online safety possible. Staying safe online is an active process that requires constant overseeing at every stage - from purchasing and setting up a device, to making sure that your day-to-day activities are not putting anyone at risk. By following these steps, you are doing your part to keep yourself and your company safe from malicious online activity. ... Read More
Cyber Career Week

Why You Should Consider a Cyber Career

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest sectors today, with new threats and challenges emerging each day. And with that, there is a huge push being undertaken by both business and education sectors to attract individuals toward a degree and career in cyber. Interested in joining this exciting new workforce? Here are a few reasons why pursuing a degree and career in cyber might be right for you. ... Read More
Fight the Phish

3 Fundamentals for Shoring Up Phishing Defenses

From Ransomware to SolarWinds, the cybersecurity space has been as hectic as it has ever been over the last 12-24 months. However, for all of the emerging threats and news that are cropping up on the horizon, phishing -- one of the oldest pain points in cybersecurity -- is continuing to quietly wreak havoc, and is as big of a threat as it has ever been. ... Read More
Week 1 pic

Get Familiar with Cyber Basics

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated with more evolved bad actors cropping up each day. Luckily, there are several steps that we can take daily to mitigate risks and stay one step ahead of malefactors. ... Read More
Improve Your Team

Small Improvements That Can Add Huge Gains

Improving and modifying technical strategies has proven to be the biggest game-changer and still holds a significant position in the global market at large. If you remember a time when a vast group of people performed a task, most of the work was handled manually. People were reluctant to adopt new technology. ... Read More

Struggling to Find Time to Run your Business

When you start your new business, it seems almost impossible to walk away from it. Initially, you are energetic enough to give 100% to your business and work tirelessly for it. However, over time you realize that your life is revolving around hectic tasks and business management, and you are not reaping the rewards you were hoping for. ... Read More
Technology Perceptions

Is Your Perception of Technology Holding Your Business Back?

Is the way you think about office technology preventing your business from getting ahead? Do you think of technology as a strategic asset that sets your business apart? Or do you consider technology to be something you should spend the bare minimum to procure? Technology allows small businesses to compete with larger corporations and adapt to new market challenges. Businesses that avoid making the necessary investments in their technology often fall behind. So ask yourself, is your perception of technology holding your business back? ... Read More