Why is Printing Internally Better than Outsourcing?

Why is Printing Internally Better than Outsourcing?

In this fast paced world, we often want our lives to run as efficiently and cheaply as possible. The way we print things is no exception. When it comes to printing there are usually two different options; outsourcing and in-sourcing. As an intern who is new to the printing industry, I didn’t know much about the benefits of in-sourcing. However, thanks to the people and resources at Les Olson Company, I have learned that there are countless reasons why in-sourcing is better for businesses, and I’d like to share them with you. Not only does in-sourcing your print jobs save you time, it can save you money, and will allow for much more flexibility.


Outsourcing: The Problem

Many of us have had to deal with the frustration that comes with outsourcing print jobs. If we order online we often have to pay extra for express shipping, or end up buying in bulk and purchasing more then we actually need in the name of a “deal”. But that’s just online. Outsourcing through a local print shop can be even more of a headache. No one should have to experience the frustration that comes from waiting in long lines in order to pick up a print job, just to be greeted with exorbitant prices.


In-sourcing your print jobs can save you from these things.


In a world where time is everything, in-sourcing just makes sense. By preparing and printing in house, production time can be controlled, ensuring that your print jobs are ready when you need them. Did you accidentally print too few copies? Did you realize that there was an error on one of your documents? With in-sourcing that is no problem. You can easily reprint them, ensuring that you have the documents you need, in a timely fashion.


The Cost

With in-sourcing, it costs about 9 cents per color page to print. However, outsourcing averages around 30 cents per page (with the occasional door-buster of a whopping 19 cents). This means that in-sourcing will automatically save you over 50% on every page printed. In-sourcing your print jobs allows you to print the exact amount you need, when you need it. Say goodbye to excess processing and shipping fees, long lines and overpriced services, and say hello to efficient and affordable printing.


With the help of Les Olson Company, Benchmark Insurance Agency decided to in-source all of their printing needs. You can see how this has benefited their company in the video below:

So what are the next steps to successful and budget-friendly printing? Take Action!

When it comes to printing, many people ask themselves: Is it better to outsource print jobs or print internally? Clearly, printing internally is the way to go. If you or your company wants to keep costs low and efficiency high, Les Olson Company can help. Contact us today for the best and most reasonable way to start in-sourcing your print jobs. By saving you time and money, we promise you won’t be disappointed!