Can Managed Print Services in the Healthcare Industry Improve Care?

Can Managed Print Services in Healthcare Improve Patient Care?

Whether they are fixing our kids’ boo-boo’s, or our own, doctors and others in the healthcare industry have a lot on their plate. With so many things to juggle, every second counts. Managed Print Services, or MPS, can help those in the healthcare industry be more efficient, save money, and ensure that patient care comes first. ... Read More
How Managed Print Services Can Help Those in the Legal Industry

How Managed Print Services Helps the Legal Industry

When asked which type of case she would prefer, Lawyer Elle Woods from Legally Blonde replied, “I’d pick the dangerous case, because I’m not afraid of a challenge.” This quote seems to summarize the attitudes of many lawyers. They are always looking for a challenge, and are constantly trying to find ways to push and excel at what they do. While this ambition is admirable, MPS, or Managed Print Services can help lift the burdens of what can be an overwhelmingly paper-intensive business, and free up time so those in the legal industry can focus on what they do best. ... Read More
How Can Managed Print Services Helps the Finance Industry

How Managed Print Services Helps the Finance Industry

Managed Print Services are Vital to the Finance Industry. There are three fundamental motivations behind every successful business–increase productivity, lower costs, and maximize profit. Managed Print Services provide businesses with an avenue to achieve each of these goals. One industry where it is especially vital to be productive and maximize profit with lower costs is the Finance Industry. ... Read More