How Home Office MPS Helps Businesses Save Money

Home Office MPS

Prudent business owners and managers have known for years that Managed Print Services
(MPS) saves money on print expenses. With more organizations being forced to embrace remote work due to COVID-19, it has become challenging to manage the costs associated with remote worker’s personal printers. With remote work becoming a growing part of our “new normal,” organizations should consider Home Office MPS an essential part of adapting. Let’s explore how Home Office MPS helps businesses save money.


Home Office MPS takes the same concept of traditional MPS, and applies it to employees working from home. The fact is, that many employees working remotely still have to print documents, but unfortunately their personal print devices are usually not up to the task at hand. Home office printers are simply not designed to handle more than occasional printing. If your remote employees have to print documents on a regular basis, it places an unfair burden on them to have to put extra wear and tear on their personal printers. It also means that extra time must be spent creating an expense report so they can be reimbursed. Not only does this take up their valuable time, but it also slows down your payroll process as various expense reports have to be reviewed and reimbursements paid each month.


Managed Print Services for Home Offices allows businesses to provide remote workers with a high-quality laser printer that is reliable, and likely much faster, than any home printer they may have at their disposal. Not only is the correct equipment placed with the remote employee, but it’s also fully managed, giving your business more control over print costs. The printers covered under a Home Office MPS contract have a low, fixed CPP (cost per print). Included in the contract is the cost to acquire the printers, replace supplies, and provide service. The fixed CPP, means you pay the same low cost for every print produced by those printers, regardless of how much toner is used. With Home Office MPS, businesses not only enjoy predictable printing expenses, but also substantial cost savings.


Our MPS program has saved our clients an average of 30% on printing expenses, and often times even more. We want to help businesses as they evolve to meet the unique demands of a remote workforce. When you purchase a printer, the initial price of the printer is a drop in the bucket compared to the long-term cost of owning and operating a printer. The upfront cost is roughly 10% of the TCO (total cost of ownership). When you consider that 90% of the cost is management, toner or ink, paper, power, service, and connectivity support, it quickly becomes clear that an un-managed printer is expensive — even if it was cheap to acquire.


When you sign up for Home Office Managed Print Services, we take the time to understand how the printers will be used, the volume of printing that will be done on the device, and the functions that are required to work efficiently. Are you ready to trade in your system of fragmented personal printers for a streamlined print environment? Get a free print cost analysis to see how much you could be saving your business.

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