• Set Per Page Costs for Users
  • Pays for Itself
  • Designed for Education
  • Self Maintaining
“The initial investment has already been recouped in our first year of use.”

Truckee Meadows Community College

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

“Without quotas, our students were printing around 2 million pages per year. After Quotas, that number dropped in half.”

Cut Costs and Take Frustration out of Student Printing

Designed for schools and universities of all sizes, PaperCut is simple to install and starts tracking users immediately.

Problem: Wasteful printing and large documents tie up printers


SOLUTION: You can set an upper document size to stop unusually large print jobs. Other filters include a maximum number of copies, color and duplex printing. There is even a filter to stop “double submitted” jobs caused by accidentally clicking the print icon twice.

Problem: “Guest” account users and wireless users are anonymous on the network


SOLUTION: Anonymous users can be authenticated for printing using the PaperCut client software, a hold/release queue or PaperCut’s user web tools.

Problem: Print management systems are too expensive


SOLUTION: Our special educational pricing won’t break your budget because you won’t pay extra for the number of servers, workstations, printers or operating systems on your network. Your savings, from reduced consumption or from offsetting printing costs with user pays printing, means that PaperCut is software that truly pays for itself!

Problem: Deploying software on workstations is difficult and time consuming


SOLUTION: PaperCut does not require software on each workstation. There is optional client software, but if you decide to use it, you can run it using the “zero-install” method that launches the software from the PaperCut server.

Problem: The IT department appears “reactive” to problems rather than “proactive”


SOLUTION: PaperCut automatically tracks printer errors and can be configured
to send email or SMS messages to admin or helpdesk staff when a printer requires attention.

Problem: Users don’t like change


SOLUTION: PaperCut is designed to be phased into production. You can implement silent monitoring as a first phase, then add quotas and printer rules, and introduce user pays printing when the processes are well established. Our Implementation Guide will show you how to roll out PaperCut without disrupting the workflow of your staff and students.

Problem: Staff and students can bring any mobile device, there’s no standardization


SOLUTION: No matter what device your students and staff have–iPads, Chromebooks or leased laptops, you can apply your network policies while delivering easy access to print.

Problem: You want a system that integrates with your current internet sites and policies


SOLUTION: You can tailor the end-user web interface to look like part of your internet. If you want to further extend PaperCut or provide additional integration with your systems, you can use the full set of APIs included as standard with PaperCut, fully documented with example source code.

Problem: You don’t have a large staff to install and administer a print management system


SOLUTION: PaperCut is self-maintaining with features like automatic synchronization with users, groups and printers, automatic configuration of new user accounts and automatic periodic quotas. Users can add value to their own accounts with “top up cards” or by using the optional payment gateway for credit card payments using online systems like PayPal. Browser-based one-click reports and scheduled automatic email reports make it easy to monitor and report activity.