hp designjet printers for construction
  • IndustryConstruction
  • Contractors
  • Sub-contractors
  • Administration
  • Architects
  • Owners
  • Superintendents
  • Deliver on time and on budgetCommunicate building and schedule changes quickly with on-premise printing and scanning. Avoid the time and expense associated with outsourcing, and help make sure documents remain confidential.
  • Collaborate and track changesEffective communication is essential to project success. Capturing changes, quickly scanning altered documents in the studio or at the job site, and sharing with the broader team keeps everyone up to date.
  • Complete jobs to specificationMaintaining project schedules and completing jobs on time is just as important as the final product. Use HP DesignJet printing solutions to clearly document design and schedule changes throughout the process.

Boost team collaboration and speed up construction schedules

with HP DesignJet T-series printing and scanning solutions for construction.


HP solutions fit the needs of each construction team player Getting all players on the same page is one of the biggest challenges of any construction project. The HP Designjet T-series Wide-format printers are designed to meet the needs of construction, from the office to the job site.

Contractors & Sub-contractors
Reporting directly to the owner and facilitating communication between different team players, the general contractor relies on HP DesignJet solutions to clearly communicate information that keeps projects on task, on time, and on budget while also helping to ensure timely payment. HP DesignJet printers and scanners enable effective and timely sharing of project changes throughout the construction process, keeping subcontractors aligned with the general contractor and providing an accurate record of the work performed.



The owner, in direct communication with the general contractor, wants assurance that construction schedules and budgets are under control. HP DesignJet printers and scanners are instrumental in documenting project changes and progress.



Administration requires clear, printed documentation for the approval process. HP DesignJet printers and scanners clearly document plans and project changes, enabling the administration to evaluate if regulations are being met.



Coordinating team players at the construction site, the superintendent relies on HP DesignJet printers and scanners to clearly communicate project changes to the right people, at the right time, and in the correct order.



Architects, who create, track, monitor, and approve changes throughout the project, gain reassurance, through HP DesignJet solutions, that all plans are up to date; rules and regulations are being met; and approvals are in place.

Small architectural studio or subcontractor office

Ideal for smaller architectural studios or subcontractors that are looking for affordability and quality results, for occasional printing only.

HP Designjet printers for construction

Construction site

Printing and scanning at the construction site is designed primarily for general contractors in mid-to-large sized organizations looking for an easy and effective way to communicate project changes to all team players.

HP Designjet printers for construction

Small and mid-size main office

Ideal for small and mid-size architectural studios and general contractors or subcontractors who require centralized printing/scanning of plans and drawings and, occasionally, good-quality renders for bidding.

HP Designjet printers for construction

Mid-to-large enterprise

Mid-to-large architectural firms and general contractor offices require centralized multifunction capabilities that deliver high productivity, high volumes, and enterprise manageability, connectivity, and security.

HP Designjet printers for construction