hp Printers for AEC
  • IndustryArchitecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)
  • ChallengeExpensive and time-consuming document errors and confusion are prevalent.
  • SolutionDrive efficiency and improve accuracy with professional, premium color documents for easy-to-understand prints.
  • ChallengeVarious critical factors can cause construction delays.
  • SolutionHP printers can help minimize downtime, make changes on the fly and cut down on design errors.

Affordable Color

Enhance project communication with vivid color


HP PageWide and Color LaserJet MFPs produce premium, professional-quality color documents at a competitively low cost. Durable, fast-drying color makes for smear-free, easy-to-understand drawings, resulting in increased understanding and decreased costs for RFI management, legal negotiations and disputes. It also minimizes rework, facilitates tracking of changes between multiple bid iterations, and provides clarity on schedule revisions.

Common Errors Include:

  • Dimensional errors in drawings
  • Conflicting information in drawings
  • Mechanical/electrical symbol errors

Drive efficiency and improve accuracy with professional, premium color documents that make for easy-to-understand prints. HP PageWide and Color LaserJet MFPs Produce Prints That:

  • Minimize Reworking
  • Facilitate tracking changes between multiple bid iterations
  • Provide clarity on schedule revisions


Protect valuable information with first-rate security


HP printers offer powerful security for any office, with features that can detect and stop an attack as it happens. HP PageWide and LaserJet Enterprise devices feature industry-leading embedded security features including Sure Start, run-time intrusion detection, and whitelisting, making them the world’s most secure printers. HP PageWide Pro devices feature secure boot and firmware integrity checking. Enterprise models can even self-heal from attacks automatically.

Print documents and stay guarded with HP PageWide and LaserJet Enterprise devices; the world’s most secure printers, featuring embedded security features. On or off the job, embedded security helps:

  • Inspect outgoing network connections
  • Automatically validate security settings
  • Detect and prevent unexpected memory changes
Cybersecurity Ventures predicts cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion in damages annual by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

Maximum Uptime

Maximize uptime and avoid delays with unmatched speed


With fewer parts to replace — HP PageWide MFPs have no drums, fusers, or
developers — servicing is simpler, and repairs are faster. Cloud tools and device-based sensing capabilities can monitor and diagnose many service needs to minimize downtime and cut costs. HP Smart Device Services can anticipate parts servicing before a part fails and avoid premature ink and toner replacement.


Timelines are critical, so printing accurately and professionally the first time saves time and leads to better use and allocation of labor hours. One worker can scan, copy, or fax while another is printing, saving time for quick-moving bid situations or troubleshooting problems at the job site. Fast, two-sided printing saves on costs and cuts the time needed to get documents to the job site; it also helps expedite sign-off by various stakeholders in project approval and revision workflows. Options such as in-cave stapler stacker, hole punch, high-capacity staple/stack, and booklet makers help workers produce customer-ready packets more easily and quickly.

Critical Factors That Cause Delays:

  • Excessive change orders by the client
  • Time-consuming decision-making processes
  • Design errors & confusion

HP Printers Can Help Firms:

  • Minimize Disruptions and keep projects up and runningwith fewer sevice and replacement parts
  • Cut time getting documents to the job site and expedite signoffswith fast, two-sided printing
  • Change plans on the flywithout falling behind schedule

Environmental Engineering

Conserve resources and energy


HP MFPs help keep projects on budget with their energy-saving design. PageWide MFP models are designed to use less energy than any laser printer in their class. It’s a new era for business, and AEC firms must keep pace with customer expectations in an ever-changing landscape. You need powerful tools
to succeed with proposals, plans, and designs. HP is reinventing copier technology with a wide range of Color LaserJet and PageWide MFPs that offer the best in security, productivity, and quality color at the lowest cost per page.


HP’s A3 portfolio features ENERTY STAR certified devices that use significantly less energy, keeping projects on budget and contributing to industry shifts toward sustainability.

The building and construction sectors are responsible for:36%of Global Final Energy Consumption
and nearly40%of Total Direct and Indirect CO2 Emissions
HP Printers can help reduce carbon footprint and the environmental impact of printing by up to55%