Sharp Aquos PN-L603WA PN-L703WA Presentation Boards

The Sharp Aquos PN-L603WA PN-L703WA Presentation Boards are designed for smooth and effortless communication and include built-in wireless connectivity that enables different devices to connect easily.

Easy Wireless Functionality for Seamless and Lively Meetings

The Sharp Aquos PN-L603WA PN-L703WA Presentation Boards boast wireless connectivity, enabling a range of different devices to connect to them. Information from the 70″ Class (69.5″ diagonal) and 60″ Class (60.5″ diagonal) devices can be displayed in a 2 x 2 split screen, allowing for highly productive interactions. Using SHARP Touch Viewer software, you can manipulate various file types in the same work area. The pen digitizer function, meanwhile, distinguishes between pen and finger input and supports natural and seamless operation. These and other superb AQUOS BOARD interactive display features are sure to boost creativity and participation levels in presentations and small-scale meetings, while fulfilling the growing demand for cable-free connection of BYO devices.

  • Touch-operated Onscreen MenuPressing the Touch Menu button on the PN-L703WA/603WA interactive displays instantly displays an onscreen menu that lets you easily switch input sources, change volume level, or turn the touchscreen function on and off without using a remote controller.
  • Direct DrawingThe PN-L703WA/603WA interactive displays can be quickly switched to enable use of Direct Drawing, a user-friendly function that’s just like using a whiteboard. Even for rst-time users, this simple write-and-erase function is easy and intuitive to operate. Screen captures can be saved as JPEG les on a USB memory device.
  • Simultaneous WritingThe PN-L703WA/603WA interactive displays let you capture ideas at the moment of creation. Recognizing up to 10 touch points, they allow up to four people to write at the same time with a finger or touch pen.
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