Sharp Aquos PN-L401C PN-L501C Presentation Boards

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display series is designed to enhance communication and productivity. Reinforcing the lineup are the Sharp Aquos PN-L401C PN-L501C Presentation Boards that deliver fast, collaborative benefits in both classrooms and meeting rooms with a choice of sizes to meet your needs.

Maximize the Value of Interactive Technology In Smaller Spaces

In the business world, the PN-L401C/501C interactive displays are ideal for increasingly popular “huddle space” meetings in smaller areas for two to six people. Making the most of huddle spaces can optimize communication and accelerate business to a whole new level.

  • Huddle SpacesWith the PN-L401C/501C interactive displays, everyone can engage meaningfully in small-group meetings by sharing onscreen information. Intuitive touchscreen operation, whether with a finger or pen, facilitates active collaboration and a lively exchange of opinions. And with the optional wireless board, you can also have BYOD meetings. Speedy, productive collaborations become a reality.
  • Meeting BoothsSpacesSet up a PN-L401C/501C interactive display in your company’s visitor meeting space to transform your interactions with clients and other visitors. Touchscreen functionality helps to bring greater focus and productivity to your interactions. And the PN-L401C/501C interactive displays never have to sit idly by. When not being used in a meeting, it can be used as appealing touchscreen signage displaying corporate ads, notices and other information.
  • Learning AreasIn both business and educational settings, the PN-L401C/501C interactive displays enhance collaboration and group learning sessions. SHARP Pen Software works with the PN-L401C/501C interactive displays in both landscape and portrait orientations. This expands the product’s range of usage to cover a variety of settings. For example, the PN-L401C/501C interactive displays can work as a sophisticated bulletin board or flip chart. You can import data to display, write on it freely by hand, and save your handwritten notes digitally for later reuse.
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