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Ricoh Pro C7200 Series printers offer graphic arts color production with options for multifunction capabilities (print, copy, and scan). These production printers offer commercial-grade black and white (B&W) and color printing. Inline sensors ensure color consistency and quality during the print run from the first page to the last. These sheet-fed devices are eco-friendly and Energy Star Compliant.


The Ricoh Pro C7200 Series printers offer graphic arts color production with options for multifunction capabilities (print, copy, and scan). These production printers offer commercial-grade black and white (B&W) and color printing. Inline sensors ensure color consistency and quality during the print run from the first page to the last. These sheet-fed devices are eco-friendly and Energy Star Compliant.


The C7200 Series comes with Ricoh or Fiery® controllers for spot-on color. The controllers provide a range of options for your printing needs, with the ability to run hybrid workflows and perform multiple applications using just one device. With exceptional quality and versatility, you can keep more jobs in-house and increase your margins while making the most of limited floor space. Whether you are a commercial printer, a print-for-pay business, or an in-house enterprise, the Ricoh or Fiery® controllers offer a comprehensive solution for your business printing needs. Advanced usability features streamline your operations and reduce costs.


A 5th Color Station adds further value by allowing you to explore new creative printing opportunities not available before. Adding a 5th color like clear, white, neon yellow, neon pink, invisible red, gold, and silver tones increase the color gamut exponentially. Marketing and sales collateral pop like never before. Get your business noticed with exceptional color, crisp text, and more clarity above the clutter of your competitor’s marketing campaigns.


Series C7200 Lineup

  1. Ricoh Pro C7200X — Graphic Arts with 5th Color and 85 ppm production speeds
  2. Ricoh Pro C7210SX — Graphic Arts with 5th Color and Multifunction (print, copy, scan) with 85 ppm production speeds
  3. Ricoh Pro C7210X — Graphic Arts with 5th Color and 95 ppm production speeds
  4. Ricoh Pro C7210XM — Graphic Arts with 5th Color, Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR), and 95 ppm production speeds
  5. Ricoh Pro C7210S — Multifunction (print, copy, scan) with 95 ppm production speeds


Who needs a Pro C7200 Series Printer and Why?

Print shops needing to print high volumes at blazing speeds with an exceptional resolution to meet customer demands will consider the power of the graphic reproduction capabilities of these printers. That’s right, the needs of in-house or external customers drive the print shop business. Customers often require demanding deadlines and want more variety in media and sizes. They want vibrant colors with near photographic quality. Customers want their ads to stand out from the crowd. Customer ad saturation with standard marketing materials is no longer effective. They require short turnarounds with personalized materials catered to their customer base. Print shops need what their customers want–delivered on time, on budget, and within specs. The Ricoh Pro C7200 Series of commercial printers can help print shops meet customer needs.

When printers offer superb image quality, an extensive color array, and versatile media options, print shops achieve customer loyalty and build new revenue streams. With a system that is easy to operate and can sustain high throughput, you can improve operational efficiency and increase production capacity. By finishing jobs in-house, you can also lower your total cost of print, which can help you grow your business more confidently. With the right technology, vendor partner, complementary software and services, and nationwide support, you have all the resources you need to succeed in your printing endeavors.

The C7200 Series of graphic art printers allow your print shop to build a reputation for reliability and quality. The versatility of these industrial printers provides the development of new revenue streams. The addition of fifth-color capabilities propels print businesses to a new level. Operators of varying skill levels can produce complex print jobs. An auto-calibration system generates the density and change parameters along with the registration to provide color consistency from page to page and project to project. These models support a variety of paper weights and types to bring out brilliant colors and match brand specifications. Scale these advanced technologies to improve your workflow, provide efficient and reliable operation, reduce costs, and improve margin and profitability.


Product Features

  • Supports a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses
  • Fast print speeds
  • Prints color and black-and-white
  • High-resolution production
  • Flexible media handling, including printing on heavy stocks
  • Finishing options include inline folding, saddle-stitching, hole-punching, and trimming
  • Excellent connectivity options, supporting both wired and wireless networking, as well as mobile printing
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Sheet-fed system


Product Benefits

  • The C7200 Series handles high-volume printing jobs quickly and efficiently, helping businesses to increase their productivity.
  • With its high resolution and color accuracy, the C7200 Series commercial printers produce sharp, vibrant prints suitable for various applications, including brochures, flyers, and presentations.
  • The printer can handle a wide range of paper stocks, from lightweight to heavy-duty, making it ideal for printing different documents.
  • The inline finishing capabilities of the Ricoh C7200 Series eliminate the need for manual intervention, streamlining the printing process and reducing the risk of errors.
  • The Pro C7200 Series industrial printers support wired and wireless networking, making it easy to connect to existing IT infrastructure. Mobile printing capabilities allow for remote printing from smartphones and tablets.
  • These devices are easy to operate and save time for print shop workers, allowing them to do multi-tasking.
  • Maintain image gradation quality. The Image Calibration System automatically scans image density to make any necessary corrections prior to printing.
  • Register images front to back automatically. An inline sensor provides the data used by the system to adjust image position and shape.
  • Show off your color expertise. The 5th Color Station is swappable for printing white in one pass, and now offers invisible red toner in addition to clear, white, neon yellow and neon pink.
  • 220-Sheet Automatic Document Feeder. Copy and scan jobs quickly in one step with single-pass color duplex scanning — up to 220 images per minute (IPM) in duplex mode.
  • Media Identification Unit. These machines detect media changes automatically, increasing efficiency and taking the guesswork out of setup by measuring media properties for the closest available match already programmed into the media library.
  • Increase operator productivity. Each operator can customize the 17-inch LCD Touch Panel, which displays the entire device configuration.
  • Expedite media selection. The enhanced graphical media library lets you easily create paper settings and select desired papers.
  • Operator Call Light. Know the moment system status has changed and maintenance is required.
  • Deliver superb quality. VCSEL laser beam technology and 2400 x 4800 dpi print laser resolution provide output that exceeds an offset press.
  • Expand your offerings with oversize printing. Oversize sheet capabilities allow you to print up to 49.6 inch simplex and 27.5 inch duplex.
  • Set up jobs fast and accurately. The Media Management Tool allows operators to share the media library among multiple Ricoh Pro C7200 Series digital presses.


Top 3 Ricoh C7200 Specs

Print Speed: 85 to 95 ppm, depending upon the model

Monthly Volume: 240,000 pages, Duty Cycle up to 800,000

Print Resolution: 2400 x 4800 dpi


Other Specifications

  • Max Paper Capacity: 16,200
  • Max Print Size: 49.6 inch Simplex, 27.5 inch Duplex
  • Media Size: 8.27 x 8.27 to 13 x 49.6 inch (BDT VX370-1280)
  • Media Weight Capability: Uncoated 400 gsm, Coated 350 gsm
  • ENERGY STAR Compliant
  • Color and B&W Production + 5th color
  • 17-inch Control Panel
  • Remote Capabilities
  • Max Power Consumption: 5,000W
  • Color Production: CMYK
  • Ink: Toner
  • Cartridge Yield: 45,000 based on 8.75% coverage
  • Footprint (W × D × H): 51.9″ × 35.8″ × 48.4″ 1318mm × 909mm × 1229mm
  • Paper Source Options: Friction or Vacuum Feeds, Banner Tray, Multi Bypass Tray, Plockmatic, Tab Sheet Holder
  • Paper Handling & Finishing Options: Cover Interposer, High Capacity Interposer, Mutli-Folding, StreamPunch Ultra, Decurl, Buffer Pass, High Capacity Stacker, Staple Finisher, Booklet Finisher, Plockmatic, Bourg Booklet Maker


Ricoh C7200 Series Comparison Chart


(WxDxH, inch)
Ricoh Pro C7200X85240,0002400×480049.636016,20051.9×35.8×47.9Yes
Ricoh Pro C7210SX85240,0002400×480049.636016,20051.9×35.8×47.9Yes
Ricoh Pro C7210XM95240,0002400×480049.636016,20051.9×35.8×47.9Yes
Ricoh Pro C7210X95240,0002400×480049.636016,20051.9×35.8×47.9Yes
Ricoh Pro C7210S95240,0002400×480049.636016,20051.9×35.8×48.4Yes


Product Options/Accessories

  • SR5060 Booklet Finisher offers saddle stitching for booklet finishing and 100-sheet stapling.
  • BY5010 Multi Bypass Tray. Feed up to 500 sheets and expand feeding system capacity. Add the oversize tray option and print up to 49.6
  • Vacuum Feed Trays ensure the paper feeding ability of coated media up to 360 gsm maximum. Up to 3 units can be added to increase the feeding capacity to 16,200 sheets.
  • Cover Interposer Tray CI5040 provides pre-printed covers and inserts for easy feeding into the finished workflow.
  • High-Capacity Interposer HCI3500 supports substrates up to 350 gsm. It offers a capacity of 1,750 sheets.
  • Multi-Folding Unit FD5020 offers inline document folding with six different patterns– Half Fold, Letter Fold In (Tri Fold), Letter Fold-Out (Tri Fold), Gate-Fold, Double Parallel Fold (Four Fold) and Z Fold.
  • Perfect Binder GB5010 creates bound books of up to 200 sheets with support up to 300 gsm and trimming of 3 edges.
  • Ring Binder RB5020 automates ring bind booklets to save money and time. Continuously run jobs and ring books of 50 to 100 pages.
  • GBC StreamPunch Ultra provides an inline punch with an assortment of die sets for double punching or two-up sheet processing.
  • Decurl Unit DU5060 is useful for substrates prone to curling, carbonless paper, or for printing in high-humidity environments.
  • Buffer Pass Unit Type S9 reduces bricking of paper when printing with high toner coverage or coated stocks.
  • High-Capacity Stacker SK5040 allows for stacking up to 5,000 pages. Up to two Stackers can be configured in one system. This add on allows you to keep jobs running continually.
  • Finisher SR5110 provides multi-position stapling of up to 100 sheets.
  • Booklet Finisher SR5120 provides multi-position staple finishing for up to 100 sheets.
  • Plockmatic options for folding and stapling, folding and saddle stitching, or online, offline, and nearline workflows.
  • CP Bourg Booklet Maker BM-e produces on-demand booklets.



The Ricoh Pro C7200 Series Printers (C7200X, C7210SX, C7210XM, C7210X, C7210S) are versatile, high-volume, high-resolution production printers handling a wide range of printing needs, making them a great choice for professional printing environments.

  • Large, Color TouchscreenSharp MX-M1055 MX-M1205 Series Monochrome Copiers feature a 15.4" color touchscreen display with swing out keyboard and touch pad streamlines operation and job management.
  • Triple-air Paper Feed UnitsThe paper feed units combined with the Print Engine Paper Catalog (PEPC) offer a wide range of paper types to be utilized with high precision and reliability.
  • Powerful Fiery Print Server The Fiery Print Server is available for advanced workflows and high productivity. Command WorkStation is fully integrated with the Sharp touchscreen for unmatched control and ease-of-use.
Sharp Copiers 2019 BLI Line of the Year Award
BLI Reliability 2018-2021 Award

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