PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF is a simple, low cost print control software application that lets you take control and manage your printers, copiers and multi-function devices.

Get Complete control over print, copy, scan and fax devices

Eliminate waste, encourage responsible behavior and make users and departments accountable for their print usage. PaperCut MF includes embedded software that runs on your copier/ MFD to enable tracking, control and secure print release directly from the device’s panel.


PaperCut MF is suitable for sites of any size, with a cross-platform and vendor-neutral approach to technology and device support. PaperCut’s solutions are currently in use in over 50,000 sites worldwide and translated into 20 languages, making PaperCut MF a product you can trust with a high return-on-investment.

  • Intuitive & Easy to useSystem administrators have full access to administration and configuration via a familiar web interface.
  • Web Based Administration “Out of the box” browser-based administration access from any network location enabling centralized management of every user and device.
  • Powerful Job ScriptingAdvanced scripting can be used to define and finely tune your printing policy.
  • Detailed Reporting Over 80 one-click reports available for online viewing, printing or export. Reports address all areas ranging from detailed page logs to summaries by user, department, device or environmental impact.
  • ‘Find-me’ PrintingJobs are paused and only printed when the user releases the job at any compatible MFD/ printer.
  • Print Archiving & WatermarkingEmpowers approved administrators to browse and review the content of print activity within their environment.
  • Secure Print Release User authentication – only allowing print device access to authorized users.
  • Solve mobile and BYOD printing Mobility Print allows users to quickly discover and print to any printer while still providing the benefits of PaperCut’s standard print charging/ accounting/quota process.
  • Managing QuotasUsers can operate in either credit or debit, with defined account rules including how and how often an account is credited.
  • Pre-Paid / Top-Up Cards Administrators can print out a batch of single-use cards with a pre-defined value.
  • User Web InterfaceEnd users have access to a set of web tools to track their own activity in real-time.
  • Payment GatewaysGive end users the ability to make payments into their PaperCut account using payment gateways.
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