Fujitsu fi-N7100 Document Scanner

Designed for improving business processes, the Fujitsu fi-N7100 Document Scanner digitizes documents using an intuitive touchscreen. With proven reliability, simplicity, and powerful image cleanup, this shared device extends electronic capture into satellite offices and centralized areas. Unlike the traditional PC-connected scanner, the N7100 gives IT professionals an independent platform to develop, monitor, and remotely manage scanning workflows.

Simple, Robust Touchscreen Scanning

  • PaperStream IPPaperStream’s powerful image correction cleans up even the toughest documents in a single pass, reducing processing times and increasing efficiencies. PaperStream IP includes; Image cleanup, auto orientation, auto deskew, blank page removal, color detection, multifeed detection.
  • The Perfect Shared ScannerWith its small footprint and ease of distribution, the N7100 provides an economical solution when a scanner is not needed on every desk. This fast, reliable scanner with post-scan review fits well in any of these key business environments; satellite, offices, multi-floor distribution, self-service customer Intake, high-traffic areas, shipping & receiving.


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