Why you still need to backup your office 365 data

Why You Still Need to Backup Your Office 365 Data

As businesses around the world make the shift to Office 365, IT managers may think that the days of backup are over. The reality is that user data that’s deleted in the cloud is not as recoverable as you might think.

The Main Takeaway

Your user’s data still requires backup. Here’s a breakdown of responsibilities given various data loss scenarios in Office 365.

Why You Still Need to Backup Microsoft 365

Shared Responsibility


Microsoft operates under the Shared Responsibility Model, which illustrates where their liability ends in protecting data stored in Office 365. The image above shows which party is responsibile for data loss based on various causes.

When it comes to best practices for data protection in the cloud, here is what Microsoft recommends:

“We recommend that you regularly backup your content and data that you store using third-party apps and services.”

Microsoft User Agreement

why you still need to backup your office 365 data

The Solution

When an app outage or human error inevitably occurs, cloud backup serves as a crucial component to avoid data loss. Backupify is the original Cloud-to-cloud backup provider for the Enterprise and can save your team time, stress and money with their easy-to-use solution.