Let’s take a look at two businesses:

One is on an MPS (Managed Print Services) plan and the other is not. The company without MPS purchases cheap, re-manufactured* toner cartridges to save money. Let’s say this toner costs $100, yields 2,500 pages, and the toner on each black & white print covers 5% of the page; they pay 4 cents per page. A black & white print with 20% toner coverage costs them 16 cents! Any maintenance or service required is an additional cost.


Meanwhile, the company on the MPS plan doesn’t worry about yields or toner coverage, instead, they pay a flat rate of 2 cents** per black & white page with maintenance and repairs covered at no additional cost.


mps makes perfect sense
Toner Coverage:5%
Cost Per Page:4¢
mps makes perfect sense 5% document coverage
Toner Coverage:20%
Cost Per Page:16¢
mps makes perfect sense 20% toner coverage
  • Worries about having sufficient backup toners
  • Spends time purchasing toners & creating purchase orders
  • Spends time managing/organizing a toner supply closet
  • Purchases high cost-per-page & inefficient printers
  • Makes time consuming arrangements for repairs
  • Calls different repair technicians for each brand of printer
  • Waits 1-5 business days for repairs
  • Can incur costs from 3rd party I.T. providers for help with printing issues
  • Spends about 30% more for the same fleet of printers


Why MPS Makes Perfect Sense
Toner Coverage:5%
Cost Per Page:2¢
mps makes perfect sense 5% document coverage
Toner Coverage:20%
Cost Per Page:2¢
mps makes perfect sense 20% toner coverage
  • Proactively restocks toner
  • Organizes and maintains your toner closet for you
  • Provides appropriate printer recommendations
  • Arrives within 4 hours for repairs
  • Services most brands of printers
  • Provides I.T. support for printers
  • Provides free printer loaners
  • Provides useful quarterly reports for your printer fleet
  • Saves an average of 30% on printing expenses and allows you to spend more time managing your business

Do you know how much your printer fleet is really costing your business?

Let us provide you with a comprehensive fleet management strategy, designed specifically for your business. We will not only help free up more time to focus on running your business; but can also drastically reduce your printing costs. Through Managed Print Services, we work closely with you to ensure enhanced performance and efficiency, all while reducing costs and increasing your return on investment.


*Low quality prints may result from using re-manufactured toner cartridges and may also void printer warranties.

**Cost Per Print rates vary by printer model.