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  • The Role of Document Scanners in Driving ProductivityDocument scanning is generally a starting point for other automated business processes such as workflow, so delays in getting documents into the system can affect productivity throughout the enterprise. In service bureau environments, paying workers who are idle due to scanner downtime increases the cost-per-scan and compromises the already lean margins associated with this kind of business. Achieving maximum scanner uptime depends on a combination of hardware functionality and human factors.
  • Scanning Technology Supports Compliance and Risk MitigationConsistently creating high quality images, being able to verify that all images were scanned in a timely manner and protecting the original paper documents can be critical to the compliance and risk mitigation initiatives faced by nearly every organization. If internal or external auditors cannot find the image of the document they are looking for or the one they find is illegible, your organization’s overall operational practices will be called into question. Yet many people overlook the role of document scanning hardware as part of corporate governance and accountability.