Businesses reimbursing remote employees for the use of their home printers is sending print costs through the roof. That’s why we offer Home Office MPS (Managed Print Services), a CPP (Cost Per Print) program for organizations with employees working from home. We’ve offered Managed Print Services for years, saving businesses an average of 30% on print costs. Now we can bring the same cost savings to your remote workforce.


Benefits of Home Office MPS by Les Olson Company

  • Reduce Burden on IT SupportAccording to Gartner Research, 40% of IT help desk calls are printer related. When you sign up for an MPS plan, your printers are managed by our staff, freeing up your IT team to focus on other duties.
  • Print Cost SavingsThrough MPS, we save businesses an average of 30% on printing expenses, often more. A fixed CPP means each printed page costs the same low rate, regardless of how much toner is used. Businesses no longer have to pay the cost of reimbursing employees for their more expensive prints produced by home printers.
  • The Right Tools for the JobRemote employees get an efficient, high-quality laser printer that is designed to meet their printing needs. They no longer have to use unreliable personal printers that are only designed for light home use.
  • Managed Printer FleetHome Office MPS includes all costs associated with the acquisition and use of printers covered under the contract. The fixed CPP includes hardware, service, and consumable supplies.
  • Save TimeYour business gets one bill for all printers, rather than receiving expense reports from various remote employees each month.
  • Supply ConsistencyMPS allows your business to gain more control over print costs by providing consistent supplies throughout your fleet. No more drastic variations in cost or quality.
  • Easy RecyclingWe will pick up your used toner cartridges and recycle them for you, helping your business be more sustainable.
at home mps program
Remote work has become the new normal. Many businesses are realizing that it can be a win-win for the organization and their employees. However, there is one issue that causes everyone to lose: using home printers for work applications. Home printers are not designed to handle the demands of office printing. Remote workers are having to put too much wear and tear on their personal devices. Not only that, businesses are paying far more per page for documents produced on home printers. With enough personal printers being used by various employees, printing expenses can quickly get out of control.


Devices on a Home Office MPS contract get a low, fixed CPP (cost per page). This includes the hardware, consumable supplies, and service. Fixed CPP means you pay the same low amount for every page printed, rather than paying more for certain prints.

CPP without MPS: 16¢
CPP with MPS: 2¢*
mps makes perfect sense 20% toner coverage
CPP without MPS: 4¢
CPP with MPS: 2¢*
mps makes perfect sense 5% document coverage
The fixed CPP values above are an example of what many businesses pay per page on a Managed Print Services Contract, not a guaranteed amount. Your CPP will be determined based on the equipment in your printer fleet and the cost of supplies. Get a free Print Cost Analysis to find out how much you can save with a Fixed CPP plan.