Doug Smith Autoplex MPS Customer Success Story
  • IndustryAuto
  • OrganizationDoug Smith Autoplex
  • AboutDoug Smith Autoplex is a family-owned and operated business Based in Utah County with five auto dealerships.
Frank Smith, General Manager, Doug Smith Autoplex
Frank Smith
General Manager, Doug Smith Autoplex
  • Challenge“We were kind of piecemeal throughout the dealerships. We had copiers from dierent people over the years. We got these dierent printers and we were putting them everywhere, and so it became harder, and harder to manage that.”
  • Solutions“About 6 years ago we went to the Managed Print program. It has been really nice for us, number one to have a good company that will stand beside their copiers and printers, and come in to fix them at a quick rate if we have an issue. It’s nice to have a partner like that. I like it because we can track and measure how much we’re doing with each of those printers, each of those copiers, and we can know if we’ve got the right machines in the right place. We also can help control our expense by having that information available to us. We have now, with the help of Les Olson placed printers and copiers in strategic places where we have less of them. They are bigger copiers because they do a bigger load than what we used to do. It makes it so our expenses are less because those bigger copiers are less per page on the cost.”
  • Solutions“The benefit to meeting on quarterly reviews is that I get to see how we’re using those printers, and if I’ve got a bit of a situation where I’m putting too many copies on them, then maybe a better machine would work there. The other benefit is knowing how much color we’re using. Because color is more expensive than black and white, and so I get to look at what we’re doing with our color printers and I can help control that with my employees if they’re getting out of hand. It’s not just about the money, Les Olson saves us time and keeps us up and running.”