Why Lacerte DMS Users Should Switch to DocuWare

Why Lacerte DMS Users Should Switch to DocuWare

Lacerte DMS users should switch to DocuWare.

Intuit recently announced that its document management products, Lacerte DMS and ProSeries DMS will be discontinued this year. If you currently use Lacerte DMS or ProSeries DMS, you will need to find an alternative to managing your documents electronically. While the makers of ProSeries have recommended SmartVault DMS as a suitable alternative, a little bit of research will reveal that your best choice is actually DocuWare! Let’s compare the two:

Why Lacerte DMS Users Should Switch to DocuWare
Storage limit of 500 GB (must pay to upgrade)
Does not directly support bookmarks, annotations, or other manipulations of PDF documents.
Only stores your documents in “the cloud”
One-size-fits-all solution
Why Lacerte DMS Users Should Switch to DocuWare
Does not charge based on the number of documents or storage space used.
Manipulating documents by allowing for annotations, combining documents, reordering pages, tracking documents, reordering pages, tracking document versions & changes, plus much more.
Stores documents locally and allows for secure remote access. This increases performance for storage and retrieval – not limited by internet connection speeds or connection problems with 3rd party sites.
Fully-customized to meet your specific needs with the ability to grow and change with your business.

Here’s Why it’s Easy to Switch:

  1. We can export your documents from Lacerte DMS and ProSeries DMS and import them into DocuWare for you.
  2. We offer a variety of purchasing options, including monthly payments for added flexibility.
  3. We will customize DocuWare to fit your business processes so you don’t have to change your processes to fit DocuWare.
  4. DocuWare is extremely easy to use and requires very little training or experience.

Why do we use DocuWare?

We don’t just sell DocuWare, we use it every day in every department of our business. After doing extensive research to find a good document management solution for our business, we determined that DocuWare was the best product available. After using it in our own office, we were so impressed that we wanted to make it available to all of our customers!


About Our Team:

Les Olson Company is committed to providing our customers with the best possible customer service and support. Our Software Solutions team is comprised of I.T. professionals and document imaging experts. Each holds the CDIA+ certification, which is a highly-regarded and established qualification for document management expertise. In addition, each of our team members are Microsoft Certified professionals and networking/I.T. professionals with various industry certifications.


We work closely with you to make sure that your DocuWare system integrates well with your business processes. We also provide you with product training and installation to ensure that the software is properly installed and users fully understand its uses and functions. Our product experts may also be consulted at any time after the purchase to assist with troubleshooting and additional training needs.


For all these reasons, Lacerte DMS users should switch to DocuWare!

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