Managed IT Services

4 Tips to Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

Keeping information safe and secure is challenging developments for businesses of all sizes over the last few years. Expeditious shifts from in-person to online to hybrid workplaces forced companies to change, or at least reexamine, their cybersecurity practices and protocols, and far too often they weren’t prepared. ... Read More

Security Operations Center

Whatever your company does, they believe it depends on the tech. Your business is at risk when your infrastructure isn't functioning properly. You can guarantee your infrastructure and assets are online and always running as effectively as possible with Managed IT Services from Les Olson Company. To reduce expensive downtime, their technical professionals are continually working in the background. They are your partner in using technologies to assist you to accomplish your corporate objectives ... Read More

3 Reasons to Partner with a Great Outsourced IT Company in 2022

One of your goals for 2022 should be to interview IT firms and establish a partnership with the one that fits your needs. Whether you need a fulltime partner, or someone to help during your busy times, having this relationship will pay dividends. We suggest partnering with someone local that can come in person if you need them. Our service area includes the entire state of Utah as well as Clark County NV. ... Read More