How to Protect Yourself from CYBER ATTACKS

Cyber Attack

An Unstable World

Unstable social and economic circumstances throughout the world are giving cyber criminals the ability to capitalize on fear, confusion, uncertainty and those who are unaware.


While there are many software and hardware solutions to help you combat these attacks, it’s important to remember that your online behavior is the most important defense against these threat actors.


It’s important to remember that our personal online behavior can affect our employer’s cyber security. Be cautious and watch out for anything that seems out of place or unusual.

Your Defense

Don’t click suspicious links.
If you don’t know if a link is suspicious, don’t click on it. First ask the person who sent it to you, or who posted it online.
Don’t open unexpected email attachments.
If you think the attachment is fishy, it probably is.
Don’t install any software on your PC unless you’ve been directed by your employer or their IT staff.
If this is for a personal workstation, only install software from reputable companies.
Stay away from websites that seem untrustworthy.
Avoid browser add-ons unless they are approved by your employer.
If this is for your personal device, research the add-on and make sure it’s reputable.
Don’t open text messages from unknown or unexpected senders.
Don’t approve Multi-factor Authentication requests if you didn’t initiate them.
This is important. Your email password may have been compromised. Change your email password and take steps to secure your account.
Don’t share passwords.

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