Corporate Leadership Restructuring

Les Olson Company has made some exciting changes to our corporate leadership structure. These changes will help the company adapt as the nature of business technology evolves. We are lucky to have so many talented employees, who have dedicated decades to making Les Olson Company the best it can be. We’re confident Les Olson Company will continue going strong with this great leadership team to guide it.

Our Managed IT Services offering has brought many exciting changes to Les Olson Company and the types of technology we are able to offer our clients. Dave Augason, who has been with Les Olson Company for 16 years, has now been promoted from Salt Lake Sales Manager to Chief Sales Officer (CSO). He will take on the role of overseeing and integrating both the IT and Equipment sales teams. This will enable greater collaboration between departments, in order to provide the best office technology solutions to our clients.

Dave Augason

Dave Augason

Chief Sales Officer

Troy Olson is now the Chief Business Development Officer, previously President. As CBDO, Troy works to identify and facilitate opportunities for growth and develop relationships between clients and their sales representatives. Troy has been with Les Olson Company for 40 years and serves on its Board of Directors.

Troy Olson Our Team

Troy Olson

Chief Business Development Officer

Lisa Thaller, formerly Chief Financial Officer of Les Olson Company, has taken on the roll of Chief Business Officer. Lisa oversees the administrative, financial, and operations management of Les Olson Company. She is a 39-year veteran of Les Olson Company and has also served as Chairman of the Board since 2016.

Our Team Lisa Thaller

Lisa Thaller

Chief Business Officer

Ryan Bingham is now the Executive VP Branch Operations, in addition to his role as Lindon Branch Manager. Ryan’s role is to unify the operations for each of Les Olson Company’s 9 locations to ensure consistency throughout the organization. Ryan has been with Les Olson Company for 29 years and serves on the Board of Directors.

Ryan Bingham Our Team

Ryan Bingham

Executive VP Branch Operations

Aaron Mehrley, who has been with Les Olson Company for 23 years, has been promoted from Corporate VP of Technical Service to Corporate VP of Service Administration. Aaron is responsible for overseeing Les Olson Company’s service department to ensure that our service administration team continues to meet the high expectations the company was founded on.
Aaron Mehrley Our Team

Aaron Mehrley

Corporate VP of Service Administration

Replacing Aaron as Corporate VP of Technical Service is Bruce Clark, who has been with Les Olson Company for 40 years. Bruce previously held the role of Corporate Technical Trainer. As the Corporate VP of Technical Service, he oversees the equipment service technicians to ensure an expert level of technical knowledge and customer service.
Bruce Clark Our Team

Bruce Clark

Corporate VP of Technical Service

Steve Johnson, who has been with Les Olson Company since 2016, has been promoted from Sales Executive to the Cedar City/St. George Branch Manager. David Simmons has been promoted from Logan Sales Manager to Logan Branch Manager. David has been with Les Olson Company for 18 years, since 2002.
Steve Johnson Our Team

Steve Johnson

Cedar City/St. George Branch Manager

Dave Simmons Our Team

David Simmons

Logan Branch Manager

James Olson, who has been with Les Olson Company for over 30 years, remains Les Olson Company’s CEO and a member of the Board of Directors. He brings an expert level of insight and leadership as we navigate these exciting transitions. We are looking forward to Les Olson Company’s bright future under our new corporate leadership structure.
Our Team James Olson

James Olson

Chief Executive Officer

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